Dallas Bellafill® Cosmetic Treatments

What types of cosmetic treatments can be done with Bellafill®?

Bellafill® is FDA-approved for acne scar reduction and deep wrinkle treatment of nasolabial folds. Off-label use of an FDA-approved cosmetic filler is a safe and common practice by experienced physicians for other aesthetic needs.

Non-surgical Skin Tightening- Why You Need to Consider This Treatment Before Botox and Dermal Fillers?

As we age, our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity which results in wrinkles, folds, skin sagging, jowls and so forth. The most commonly available non-surgical skin treatments aimed at correcting wrinkles, folds and sagging work best with optimum skin density and firmness which is why for individuals with less than optimum skin density, it is recommended to consider non-surgical skin tightening before considering Botox, dermal fillers, and NovaThreads.

Non-surgical Necklift with NovaThreads:

NovaThreads are PDO absorbable sutures FDA-approved for insertion into the skin. The “barb” threads are used for a subtle instant lift or Nu-lyft to the face, eyelids, and neck. The “twist” and “smooth” threads are placed in the skin as a mesh, the Nu-mesh, for a gradual improvement of deep wrinkles, skin firmness, and texture.

The Dermashine MD treatment involves microinjections of nutrients (hyaluronic acid, pure vitamin C, coQ10) into the skin for an instant boost in skin hydration, suppleness and radiance followed by collagen induction due to micro-injuries from needle punctures; whereas Micropen involves gentle mechanical resurfacing of the skin with surgical steel microneedles for an instant skin texture improvement followed by collagen induction from controlled micro-injuries.


Our patient, before and immediately after a single DermaShine MD treatment, individual results vary


Four Non-Surgical Body Lift Treatments with NovaThreads

If you watch daytime television, it is likely you’ve heard about NovaThreads . Featured on The Doctors, this miraculously simple invention is changing the way we think about cosmetic treatments. NovaThreads offer painless, in office options for lifting and firming skin. They work by utilizing the healing response of the body. Once inserted, your body will begin creating new collagen to repair the microdamage caused by the threads. Within 4 to 6 months, the threads will be completely absorbed, leaving a naturally refreshed and youthful look behind. For some before and after pictures of NovaThread Treatments, Click Here . As always, individual results will vary.

Not only can NovaThreads be used for facial lifts, but they can be used throughout the body as well. While some are rushing into invasive surgeries, others are turning to NovaThreads for similar results for a better price and a virtually painless experience.


DOT CO2 Fractional Laser for Acne Scarring

For some, acne is a distant yet annoying memory of adolescence. For others, the scars left behind make it a part of their everyday lives well beyond their teenage years. While makeup can work wonders, the idea of naturally radiant and glowing skin is closer to reality than it may seem. DOT CO2 Fractional Laser treatment is a safe and quick option for those looking to correct scars and resurface their skin into a significantly improved state.


DOT CO2 Laser Acne Scar Treatment Varies


Southlake DermaShine MD Skin Booster Treatments

The DermaShine treatments are all the rage among Korean celebrities!

DermaShine MD Skin Booster Treatments are a group of treatments designed to restore the skin’s natural youthful radiance and elasticity with essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients delivered into the upper dermis via a special micro-injector calibrated for meticulous delivery of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Co-Q-10, PRP, Botox etc.