Laser Hair Removal Deals in Dallas and Southlake- Starting at $99/Six Treatments

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Laser Hair Removal In Dallas and Southlake For Most Skin Types. Models in the photograph are not our patients

Laser Hair Removal Deals in Southlake and Dallas; Staring at $99/six treatments
All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT), licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results and any side effects. .Your skin type, hormonal status can affect the outcome of your laser hair removal treatment. Also, systemic illnesses, skin infections, folliculitis and medications can affect treatment outcomes. Dr. Malik’s laser trained and experienced staff starts with your skin evaluation for presence of any active skin conditions that might affect your treatment, a review of your response to any previous skin treatments to ensure your safety and appropriateness for treatment.
We use the SHR hair removal systems at our Dallas and Southlake locations. The newer SHR hair removal systems are designed for optimum safety, speed, comfort and results in most skin types and all areas. We can treat Fitzpatrick skin types I through IV with our laser systems, we recommend test spot for Fitzpatrick skin V . We do not treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI.

Minimal Discomfort, Suitable For Most Skin Types. Medically supervised, SHR laser hair removal systems, suitable for most skin types.
$99 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a small area (a $450 value)
$189 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a medium area (a $570 value)
$299 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a large area (an $840 value)
$399 for six laser hair-removal treatments on an x-large area (a $1,170 value)
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