The “20 Minute Body Sculpting Treatment”- In Time For Swimsuit Season!


Actual mesotherapy fat reduction treatment patients, individual results vary

Mesotherapy Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction And Body Sculpting

Mesotherapy For Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction

Join dozens of our patient who have experienced the results of this unique non-surgical body sculpting treatment!

Mesotherapy is a group of treatments which involve placement of medications into the mesoderm to treat a variety of medical conditions locally without incurring systemic side effects of medications. The mesotherapy treatments can be targeted to treat fat, muscle, cartilage. As such mesotherapy is a very popular treatment modality in France and the rest of Europe as a method of delivery of medications to alleviate a wide range of disorders such as alopecia, sport medicine injuries, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, facial anti-aging treatments, spot fat reduction and cellulite reduction.

In the US over 90% of mesotherapy treatments are done for localized fat deposit reduction and non-surgical body sculpting.

The 20 Minute Body Sculpting Treatment:

In our Dallas and Southlake offices, mesotherapy for non-surgical spot fat reduction is done with injection of a medication similar to Kybella, into the localized fat deposits in areas of stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. Kybella is deoxycholic acid acid alone, mesotherapy medication for spot fat  reduction consists of deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine. Both of these compounds occur naturally in our body as “bile salts” in our gall bladder. The function of these bile salts is to emulsify dietary fat, aid in its breakdown, storage and elimination through our body’s normal processes. The treatment is safe when performed by an experienced physician with use of high quality medication obtained from a PCAB accredited US compounding pharmacy. Spot fat reduction with mesotherapy is very effective for getting rid of stubborn fat deposits in difficult to treat areas such as “bra fat”, “saddle bags”, “love handles”, under arm fat, fat above the knees. Each treatment takes between 10-20 minutes depending on the area being treated and each single treatment leads to about 20-25% reduction in the treatment area. Most individuals require anywhere between one and three treatments to get the desired results. I have performed mesotherapy since 2007 and on countless individuals with no side effects other than transient swelling, bruising and tenderness, which are expected from this treatment. I get my mesotherapy injections from a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy in New York

Mesotherapy spot fat reduction is not a substitute for healthy lifestyle in any way. It is merely a supplement to your healthy lifestyle in getting closer to your ideal body. I tell my patients to follow a healthy lifestyle before, during and after their mesotherapy spot fat reduction treatments and to not think of this as a “weight loss” option. Individuals with serious health problems such as uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled thyroid dysfunction, liver and kidney dysfunction are not candidates for this treatment. I dont inject mesotherapy in any area with localized infection. I dont do this treatment if you take a blood thinner for heart attack and stroke prevention . I do not recommend stopping low dose aspirin without getting a clearance from you primary care physician that you can be off the aspirin for 7-10 days around your treatments.

The cost of mesotherapy non-surgical spot fat reduction in Dallas and Southlake is:

Medium Area: $345 (Single Treatment) $870 (Three Treatments)

Large Area: $495 (Single Treatment) $1335 (Three Treatments)

There is mild to moderate swelling and tenderness immediately following the treatment which goes down within 3-7 days after the treatment.

Call 888-210-9693 for your consultation for Kybella for under chin fat deposits and mesotherapy for stubborn spot fat reduction elsewhere on the body.There is a $100 consultation fee, ALL of which is applied toward your treatment.

If you have a health condition and you are not sure about safety or adequacy of mesotherapy spot fat reduction treatment for you, please email us and I will personally review your question regarding your consultation before your appointment. We get a lot of patients from out of town and out of state and I am glad to review photos and medical history via email before your consultation if you are not sure. This saves everyone precious time.