Décolletage Rejuvenation with Micropen Treatments in Dallas

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Harvest Micropen treatment (also known as microneedling, Skin pen or Dermapen) is a minimally invasive treatment associated with virtually no discomfort and no downtime. Each full Décolletage treatment takes about 30-40 minutes, not including the 30 minutes of skin numbing prior to starting your treatment; some improvement in skin texture, fine lines, superficial imperfections is visible almost immediately after your first treatment. For mild to moderate photo-damage, textural irregularity, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and large pores, a series of three to four Micropen treatments at four to six week intervals is recommended for for best results.

At Naila Malik MD cosmetic skincare centers in Dallas and Southlake, we use a HA/peptide/growth factor treatment gel with your Micropen treatments to optimize collagen/elastin production following this treatment. We also offer PRP therapy in Dallas and Southlake for more advanced photodamage or scars for even better results with your minimally invasive skin treatments.

The Micropen treatments can be safely and effectively combined with IPL fotofacial treatments in Dallas and Southlake for reduction of broken blood vessels and sunspots.

Micropen treatments can be safely combined with chemical peels in Dallas and Southlake for improvement in texture and pigment irregularity.

We also combine Micropen treatments with Microneedle RF in Dallas and Southlake for skin tightening, thickening and correction of deep wrinkles and deep scars.

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