3-D Rejuvenation-Volume and Contouring- Subdermal Treatments


Your 3-D Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Plan For Sub-dermal Aging: Volume Restoration and Contouring

Fat Changes With Aging:

A youthful face has the right amount of facial fat in the subdermal layers in all the right places for healthy and plump facial contours. Age related loss of fat from key areas, redistribution of fat to less desirable areas and separation of facial fatty layers account for some of the changes in face shape and loss of facial contours. As we age, we lose fat from upper face; the forehead, temples and upper/middle cheeks and deposit fat in other areas such as lower face, jawline and neck; this leads to the well known “inversion” of the ideal youthful heart-shaped face.
Flattening and sagging of cheek fat pads leads to contour deficiencies. To further compound the problem, the sub-dermal fat deposits tend to be separated leading to appearance of longitudinal depressions instead of a smooth, tight layer of fat.

Bone Changes With Aging:
There is a significant loss of facial bone volume with age. Your face bone structure changes are due to bone resorption and bone expansion. Bone resorption leads to biometric volume loss. Bone expansion leads to flattening of bony prominences of youthful face, like cheek bones and well defined jawline. Without the structural support of bone, there are noticeable changes in the other layers of overlying soft tissue and skin.

Cosmetic dermal filler injections provide a good treatment for volume loss in the subcutaneous layer and can be used by experienced physicians for facial contouring such as well.
Dr. Malik uses FDA approved dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm and Belotero for:

  • Volume replenishment of temples
  • Volume replenishment of mid face and cheeks
  • Volume replenishment of lips
  • Volume replenishment of back of hands
  • Dermal Fillers for facial contouring and Jawline enhancement
  • Dermal Fillers for facial contouring and cheek bone enhancement
  • Dermal Fillers for facial contouring and reduction of nasolabial folds
  • Dermal Fillers for facial contouring and marionette lines
  • Dermal fillers for non-surgical nose correction

The key to dermal filler injection is to take into account individual face shape and air to the side of caution to avoid the “over-filled” or “pneumatic” appearance. We always tell our patients to have a small amount and come back for a touch up if needed. It is virtually impossible to achieve the facial contours that you had 20 years ago with dermal fillers, due to the changes in bone structure and muscle mass. We do not aim to correct every wrinkle and fold, we like to aim for a natural looking face with an overall improvement of deep wrinkles, folds and contours. We have found our patients are happiest with a subtle improvement in overall appearance.

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* These recommendations are meant to be a general guide, your personalized 3-D rejuvenation treatment plan is determined at the time of your evaluation