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Prevalence of Female Sexual Dysfunction:

About 48% of women in America suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The incidence of sexual dysfunction in women is higher than men due to differences in perceptions of sexual intercourse. Yet sexual dysfunction in women is under reported to physicians. It is estimated that only 14% of women talk to their physicians about their sexual concerns.
The PRP treatment for sexual enhancement in women works to restore sexual pleasure and give women better bladder control. The PRP Regenerative Therapy for enhancement of sexual function in women is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment done in less than hour in our Dallas and Southlake offices. The treatment uses the healing power of your own blood to restore your clitoral sensation, vaginal mucosal thickness and tone of vaginal muscles Most women treated with PRP Regenerative Therapy also experience an improvement in urinary incontinence (both stress and urge type urinary incontinence) when they follow our full treatment protocol in the weeks following a single PRP Regenerative Therapy.

How Does The PRP Regenerative Therapy Work For Sexual Dysfunction in Women?

Your PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from your own blood by centrifuging a small amount of your blood in a FDA approved PRP kit; we use the Harvest  PRP system for the PRP Regenerative Therapy for Female sexual dysfunction treatment in Dallas and Southlake. The harvest PRP contains  up to 6x the platelet concentration of your whole blood. The platelets in PRP when activated, release several growth factors and a protein matrix to form Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix or PRFM. The PRFM upon injection into key areas inside the vagina and around the clitoris leads to stimulation of your local cells to synthesize new healthy tissue for repair and regeneration. The PRFM also induces a rapid increase in migration of your own stem cells to the area of treatment for transformation of these stem cells into any of the types of tissue cells that your body needs for repair and regeneration of the treatment area. For its repair and regenerative properties, PRP has been widely used in sports and Orthopedic medicine and in cosmetic and reconstructive medicine for the last two decades. The repair of existing tissue and regeneration of healthy new tissue along with increase in vascularity results in improvement in vaginal and clitoral sensation, thicker vaginal mucosa, better lubrication and improvement in vaginal muscle tone.

How Is The PRP Regenerative Therapy For Female Sexual Dysfunction Done?

For your PRP Regenerative Therapy for vaginal rejuvenation in our Dallas and Southlake offices, first you will undergo an evaluation by Dr. Malik to make sure that you are a candidate for this treatment and that you understand the benefits, realistic expectations and limitations of the treatment. On the day of your treatment, our PRP trained medical assistant will draw a small amount of blood from your vein, this part of the procedure is no different than a routine lab-work blood draw at your doctor’s office. She will process your blood in one of the FDA approved PRP kits (Harvest Smartprep) to separate red and white blood cells from your platelets. This process takes about 20-30 minutes. A topical numbing crème is applied to the area of injection and you relax in a comfortable room during this time. Dr. Malik will gently inject the PRP in the key areas with a very fine needle. Most patients have little to no discomfort during injections due to prior numbing and the small size of injection needle. You will be given post treatment instructions for pelvic muscle exercises and use of an “at home portable TENS” unit for pelvic muscle stimulation and strength which is included in your treatment cost. It is vital to follow the post treatment instructions for optimum results.

Results Of The PRP Regenerative Therapy for Female Sexual Dysfunction:

The PRP Regenerative Therapy for vaginal rejuvenation and treatment of female sexual dysfunction is an effective, simple, safe, comfortable, non-surgical office based procedure aimed to provide improvement in various aspects of sexual function. Most patients experience:

  • Improvement in desire or libido
  • Improvement in clitoral and vaginal sensation
  • Improvement in intensity of orgasm
  • Improvement of mild to moderate urinary incontinence (stress and urge type)

Most individuals notice an improvement within days of a single PRP Regenerative Therapy, however individual results vary due to several factors beyond control of the treatment provider. Nothing will change your genetics or stop the process of aging, therefore to maintain results, repeat treatments every 12-18 months are recommended.

Cost Of the PRP Regenerative TherapyFor Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dallas And Southlake

The cost of PRP treatment of female sexual dysfunction is $1800 for the first treatment and $1650 for each subsequent treatment. The first treatment includes the at home portable TENS unit for pelvic muscle stimulation the subsequent treatments do not include the TENS unit for at home use.

PRP treatment for sexual dysfunction treatment is not for everyone. Heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, overall poor general health, unhealthy lifestyle all compromise the results of regenerative treatments such as this.
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There is a $100 consultation fee for assessment for PRP Regenerative Therapy for female sexual dysfunction, which is applied toward your treatment.