PRP-Regenerative Therapy For Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Dallas PRP-Regenrative Treatment For Male Sexual Dysfunction-MSD

Regenerative PRP Therapy For Male Sexual Enhancement in Dallas And Southlake

What Is Regenerative PRP Therapy For Male Sexual Dysfunction -MSD?
The PRP-treatment for male sexual dysfunction is a new type of treatment for male sexual dysfunction or MSD due to aging, as an after-effect of surgery, diabetes, prostate cancer, and cardiovascular disease leading to hardening of the arteries.

How Is the PRP Therapy For Male Sexual Dysfunction Done?
The regenerative PRP therapy for MSD  involves use of your own blood for extraction of your PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma. We use the Harvest PRP system, one of the best known FDA approved PRP systems for regeneration of healthy tissue in the genital area. For our Dallas and Southlake regenerative PRP therapy for MSD, we ask you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Our PRP trained nurse will draw a small amount of your blood and centrifuge it in the Harvest PRP system for highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma. A specially compounded topical numbing creme is applied to the area of treatment. After the nurse has prepared the PRP, your PRP is injected into the penile tissue with a very very fine needle. The entire treatment including the processing of your PRP takes about an hour and most of my patients report little to no discomfort during the treatment.

How Does The Regenerative PRP Therapy Work For Male Sexual Dysfunction -MSD?
Your PRP contains a very high concentration of your platelets, 4x-6x that of your whole blood. When activated, your platelets release a number of growth factors in a protein matrix called the platelet rich fibrin matrix or PRFM. The actual PRP injection treatment takes 15 minutes to perform and we use a very very tiny needle to inject into the area which is already numb with a topical numbing creme. The PRFM has the ability to heal injury in our body by inducing production of healthy new tissue wherever it is needed for repair.In case of regenerative PRP therapy for MSD , the regeneration of healthy new tissue in the penis with new blood vessel formation leads to improvement in sexual function with better circulation, firmer erections and increase in sexual performance.

What Will The Regenerative PRP Therapy For MSD Do For You?

Following your regenerative PRP therapy for MSD, you are expected to notice improvement in blood flow/circulation to the area along with gradual increase in the structural tissue of the area treated over weeks to months following a single treatment, as your body responds to the effect of growth factors released from the platelets in your PRP with regeneration of healthy new tissue. Individual response varies due to various intrinsic factors such as your hormone levels, presence of medical conditions, state of your own blood vessels, your personal healing ability, your stress level etc; most men report the following benefits:

  • Improvement in circulation
  • Improvement in firmness of erections
  • Improvement in sexual stamina
  • Improvement in length and girth of the penis*
  • Improvement in sensation

The results are regenerative which means they depend on your body’s healing ability and will vary from person to person.
*The increase in length and girth is between 10-20% and occurs in 4 to 6 months following the injection treatment.

Is The Regenerative PRP Therapy For MSD Safe?
Yes,  The regenerative PRP therapy for MSD treatment includes using your own blood and processing it in a closed system without addition of any harmful chemicals, which means there is no incidence of reaction or allergy from the shot and minuscule risk of infection which we minimize with use of surgical grade skin prep before the injections. I inject with great caution in carefully marked areas for maximum safety and results. There is no knife or surgery involved which is another reason for safety and comfort.

Is Regenerative PRP MSD Therapy For You?
I cannot answer that without seeing you in person. It is a good idea to have your hormone levels checked and “optimized” before considering this treatment for best outcome. I am among a select number of physicians in US, trained to administer a number of regenerative treatments with use of your own blood for various cosmetic skin needs, for hair regeneration and for sexual enhancement in men and women.

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