Regenerative Cosmetic PRP Therapy in Dallas And Southlake


Cosmetic PRP -Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Dallas and Southlake

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is part of your blood which is responsible for repairing tissue injury. Use of PRP in medicine is based on simply the “healing power” of your own body. Think for a moment how your body repairs itself in event of an injury. When you incur a small cut or abrasion, you don’t bleed to death. Your body has the capability to seal a wound and repair it with production of new tissue. This repair process is carried out by a component of your blood called, “platelets”. I event of an injury your platelets start a cascade of repair by forming a fibrin mesh to seal the wound which in turn releases a number of growth factors. These growth factors activate Fibroblasts, your collagen production factories, to generate new collagen to strengthen the repair of the injury. The platelets activated by tissue injury also stimulate multipotent stem cells to accelerate the repair of the injury.

Over the last few years this healing function of platelets has been extensively utilized in various fields of Medicine to repair tissue injury. The vast majority of PRP in wound healing has been studied in Orthopedics and sports medicine; Physicians have been successfully utilizing PRP for quicker recovery after joint, muscle and tendon injury. PRP treatment is a popular treatment for professional athletes such as football players, golfers and basketball players.
PRP has gained significant popularity in cosmetic medicine partly due to vast media coverage of the treatment favored by Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities.

The truth is that PRP in cosmetic medicine has many applications for skin and hair rejuvenation; with benefits and limitations. treatment. Like most cosmetic treatments, outcome of the treatment depends on individual variation, technique of the treatment provider and the type of the PRP kit used. We have outlined general information about PRP and some of the cosmetic PRP treatments in our Dallas and Southlake offices below.

How is PRP Prepared?
A small amount of your blood is drawn from your vein by our experienced, PRP trained medical assistant; equal to one tube of blood drawn for routine lab work. Your blood is placed in a FDA approved PRP vial and spun in a special centrifuge to separate your platelets from the red and white blood cells. We currently use Harvest PRP, a FDA approved PRP kit.

Are The Results From All Cosmetic PRP Treatments The Same?

Several factors determine the success of cosmetic PRP therapy;  the quality of your platelet function, the response of your body to your treatment, the method of PRP preparation, the type of treatment etc.  The choice of your cosmetic PRP kit in Dallas and Southlake will depend on the type of your cosmetic treatment and the amount of PRP needed for your cosmetic treatment. FDA approved PRP therapy kits have been extensively tested for their safety and effectiveness for maximum treatment benefit. The purpose of PRP kits is to get the highest concentration of healthy platelets for a “platelet Rich Plasma”. A good PRP therapy kit yields “Platelet Rich Plasma” estimated to contain up to four times(4X) the concentration of platelets in your whole blood. This platelet-rich plasma is golden yellow in color and thin in consistency and is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”. The trick to getting growth factor release and stem cells induction for maximum cosmetic results is activating the platelets by inducing skin injury (as in microneedling).

What Are The Applications of PRP in Cosmetic Treatments?

There many applications of PRP in cosmetic treatments, for skin of face and body and for hair regeneration. For most nonsurgical cosmetic skin treatments, the final outcome of  your cosmetic procedure depends on your body’s healing ability; for example skin resurfacing treatments with laser or Micropen are aimed at creating a controlled skin surface wound which triggers a healing response and your body heals the microwounds with production of new collagen which results in firmer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Addition of your PRP at the time of your cosmetic treatment significantly increases the collagen synthesis  leading to better results.

PRP For Cosmetic Treatments in Dallas and Southlake:

We currently offer the following Cosmetic PRP Treatments in Dallas and Southlake Offices:

We use the Harvest PRP  systems in our Dallas and Southlake PRP cosmetic treatments, PRP + ACell hair regeneration treatments, PRP vaginal rejuvenation and PRP for male enhancement.

Regenerative therapy with Harvest PRP is successfully used to treat male and female sexual dysfunction, click the links below for more information on these treatments:

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