How Regenerative PRP Therapy Can Work For For Aging Skin, Hair Loss And Sexual Decline



Regenerative Cosmetic PRP Therapy For Skin , Hair And Sexual Dysfunction in Dallas And Southlake:

Natural Treatments For Youthful Regeneration Of Aging Skin, Non-surgical Regeneration Of Hair Loss And For Management Of Sexual Decline in Men And Women.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy utilizes the healing power within your blood to vastly improve wound healing and tissue regeneration after injury and can be effectively combined with your cosmetic skin and hair treatments for naturally enhanced results. We use the Harvest PRP for all of our regenerative cosmetic PRP treatments and for treatment of sexual decline in men and women.

We currently utilize the regenerative power of PRP therapy  for improvement of skin, non-surgical regeneration of hair and improvement of sexual decline in our Southlake and Dallas offices:


PRP Hair Regeneration Treatments For Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss:

PRP alone or PRP with ACell is the only non-surgical hair restoration treatment that actually regenerates hair through activation of your own stem cells and your dormant hair follicles. We use PRP alone or PRP with Acell hair regeneration therapy as part of our comprehensive hair loss treatment program for male and female pattern baldness, alopecia areata and generalized thinning hair in men and women. We combine all hair loss treatment with topical products to reduce the effect of DHT on the scalp, adequate nutrition and supplements for your healthiest hair and LLLT- Low Level Laser Therapy to maximize the results of your hair loss treatments in Dallas and Southlake locations.

DALLAS-Cosmetic-PRP-Skin-Cosmetic Regenerative PRP For Natural, Youthful Restoration Of Aging Skin, for Resistant Melasma, Scars, Stretch Marks  and Other Skin Imperfections:

The PRP Skin Treatments consist of a wide range of minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments which work by inducing a controlled injury to your skin and inducing collagen and new cell synthesis – We tailor your regenerative cosmetic PRP therapy to your skin needs with one or more of the following cosmetic skin treatments:

  • For mild skin surface aging, for melasma, scars, stretch marks- PRP injections + Micropen
  • For moderate skin surface aging with some loss of skin elasticity and for deeper wrinkles,deeper acne scars- PRP Injections + Fractional CO2 Laser.
  • For moderate loss of skin elasticity; sagging of eye lids, sagging of neck, jowls with mild skin surface aging- PRP Injections + Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency- MFR
  • For any of the above with moderate volume loss- PRP + Dermal Filler or Fat Transfer Treatment

Addition of regenerative cosmetic PRP injection therapy to your minimally invasive cosmetic treatment significantly improves the results of your cosmetic treatments due to a significant boost in new collagen synthesis, your stem cell migration and healthy new tissue regeneration.


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The Regenerative PRP Therapy For Improvement Of Sexual Decline- In Men And Women:

It is no secret that sexual function declines in both men and women with age which can lead to frustration and a stress on your healthy relationship. Join thousands of men and women who have discovered a highly effective natural treatment for age -related sexual decline and have improved their sex life. Regenerative PRP therapy leads to improvement in sexual function in men and women and improvement in urinary incontinence in women. The treatment is very comfortable and done in less than an hour. Single treatment improves sexual function in most men and women including quality of erection and sensation in men, lubrication and sensation in women. Repeated treatments are needed 12-18 months apart for most individuals.

View PRP For Improvement Of Female Sexual Decline and Urinary Incontinence

View PRP For Improvement Of Male Sexual Decline

PRP therapy is not for everyone-View general contra-indications to PRP therapy 

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