Now Offering BHRT & Pellet Therapy For Menopause And Andropause

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Now Offering Bio-identical Hormone and Pellet Therapy (BHRT)

As we age, our natural levels of hormones decline which frequently creates an imbalance of hormones with a negative impact on our quality of life. Weight gain, sexual decline, depression, mood swings, memory decline and poor concentration are some of the common signs of hormonal imbalance.

Optimization Of BHRT-Experience And Training Matter

Aging is a natural phenomenon and hormone decline is part of aging. At Naila Malik MD Aesthetic and Wellness center, the goal is to achieve an age appropriate natural balance of hormonal status and not to reproduce the hormonal levels of a 20 year old.
Hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormones requires extensive training and experience. Dr. Malik has years of experience with BHRT and over 200 hours of formal of formal training with the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine focused on BHRT and metabolic medicine. She discontinued her BHRT practice to focus on aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

We are excited for having Lisa Artman join our team to bring you BHRT and pellet therapy at both locations in response to overwhelming requests for this treatment. Lisa Artman has years of BHRT and pellet therapy experience and she will work closely with Dr. Malik to provide safe and effective management to achieve optimum hormonal balance in men and women.

What Does BHRT Involve?

Your BHRT evaluation in Dallas and Southlake starts with an initial visit with Lisa for an extensive review of your symptoms, medical history, family history, analysis of your body composition; followed by saliva hormone panels,  blood hormone levels and over 20 other serum tests. Based on your symptoms and the results of your tests, you are prescribed hormones and medical grade supplements to optimize your hormone imbalance as clinically indicated. You are closely monitored for improvement or any side effects throughout the length of your BHRT.

Call 888-210-9693 to schedule your initial consultation for hormone imbalance in Dallas and Southlake and see what a difference BHRT can make in your quality of life