Five Treatments to Help You Get Bikini-Ready!


Are You Bikini-Ready?

Don’t quite feel like you’re bikini-body ready yet? No problem, there is still plenty of time to prepare yourself and we can help you look SMASHING in your bikini this year!

Five Treatments to Help You Get Bikini-Ready!


Weight Loss Jumpstart- $102

Weight Loss Jumpstart

Nothing can replace healthy eating and regular workouts when you want to lose weight, AND we can help you jumpstart your weight loss program with a two-week prescription of an appetite suppression, B-12 “skinny” shots and our customized metabolic booster diet plan.


Lipodissolve- Three for $1195

Lipodissolve- Spot Fat Reduction

Worried about those stubborn fat deposits that never seem to respond to diet or exercise?
No worries, we have got you covered; lipodissolve is the same medicine as Kybella for non-surgical double chin reduction, only 4x stronger. It breaks down fat cells, releasing the stored fat which is then removed by your venous and lymphatic system. Because fat cells are destroyed, the results are permanent in the treated areas.

Dallas-Airbrush-TanOne Session- $39

Airbrush Tan

An airbrush tan done professionally can give you a healthy, sun-kissed glow in an instant. Having a natural looking bronze all over is a great way to cover blotchy skin, veins, blemishes and cellulite.

Dallas-_syneron_elos_hairremoval_treatments_arm_legsLaser hair Removal-Starting at $132.87 for Six Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Syneron elos combines diode laser energy with radiofrequency for fast, comfortable and effective hair reduction in most skin types. Minimum of six sessions, 4-6 weeks apart can get you smoother skin without shaving. Most of our patients notice some thinning of hair density and reduction of hair diameter within two to three treatments.


594_lg$200 Off

miraDry® Underarm Sweat Reduction

Wouldn’t it be great to be sweat-free, odor-free and hair-free without chemicals or stains?
miraDry® is the ONLY FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for permanent reduction of underarm sweating. Clinical studies show 83% reduction of sweat and odor with One to Two treatments. Permanent hair reduction is an added side effect of the treatment in women.

 miraDry® has been used in over 90,000 patients worldwide and 92% agree it’s WORTH IT!

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