Dallas 3-D Face and Neck Rejuvenation


Natural looking youthful appearance is best achieved with a 3-D treatment plan to address each dimension, non-surgically, safely and with no downtime!

Our Skin is a three-dimensional organ and the aging process affects all three dimensions. For a natural-looking, youthful appearance, a 3-D anti-aging treatment plan to reverse aging in each of the three dimensions leads to best results. We all age differently based on several variables, including our genetics, our lifestyle, our environmental exposures, the amount of stress in our lives, our hormonal influences and other factors. The treatment options for your 3-D face and neck anti-aging will vary with your skin needs and can be determined at the time of your consultation
In today’s non-surgical, little to no downtime, results driven, cosmetic medical practice, there are several safe and effective treatment options to address aging for 3-D face and neck rejuvenation.

Epidermal Aging: Poor Texture, Fine Lines, Pigment Irregularities

Dermal Aging: Thinning  Skin, Loss of Elasticity, Sagging Skin, Flattened Contours


Subdermal Aging: Loss of Fat and Volume Below the Skin, Expressive Wrinkles

We have seen over and over again how a combination of treatments aimed at improving each of the three dimensions of aging leads to most natural looking results without the “overdone” appearance. Below is the photograph of our patient before and after her 3-D face rejuvenation over a period of 18 months, individual results vary


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