Anti-Aging Hand Treatments in Dallas and Southlake


Dallas_Radiesse_Handsfiller_NailaMalikMDComplete Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in Dallas

Do your hands make you appear older than your real age?

With most cosmetic treatments focused on face, hands are frequently overlooked as far as anti-aging treatments go. Unfortunately hands are among the first body parts to tell your real age and in many cases may even make you seem older than your real age. This is due to the fact that the back of the hands have very little fat to begin with and as we age, the loss of skin volume and firmness along with the loss of sub-cutaneous fat makes the tendons and veins more prominent. Combine this with sun spots on the skin surface and you have got, “old lady” hands.

Dallas Radiesse hands before and after

Good news is that you can reverse the “old lady” hands with a combination of minimally invasive cosmetic medical treatments and at home skincare. We now have FDA approved dermal filler, Radiesse to add volume to the back of the hands. Radiesse has been used in Europe and US for many years and has been FDA approved for facial volume enhancement in US for many years.. It is completely legal in US to use an FDA approved filler for placement in an area not indicated for the filler as an “off label” use at Physician discretion and Dr. Malik has treated many patients with Radiesse for hand rejuvenation over the last several years with great results and no complications except transient swelling and occasional bruising. It was natural that when FDA cleared Radiesse as the “ONLY” dermal filler indicated for hand rejuvenation, Dr. Malik was one of the first physicians in Dallas to get certified for Radiesse hand rejuvenation.

Why use a dermal filler to restore the volume of hands?

Radiesse injections below the skin of hands take about 15-20 minutes The treatment is done after application of topical numbing medicine and is quite comfortable. The Radiesse treatment for hands immediately restores the volume to the back of the hands for a supple and youthful look with softening of the appearance of tendons and veins. What’s more is that Radiesse has been clinically studied to be safe for placement in this area and the results have been shown to last for over a year (between 1-2 years). Dr. Malik also likes the fact that Radiesse is a unique, two part dermal filler. The first part is the volumizing gel for instant volume, the effects of which start to go away in 2-3 months. The second part of Radiesse is hydroxy- appetite crystals, which provide a scaffolding beneath your skin for you to generate your own collagen. This collagen synthesis gradually fills in and provides subtle, natural looking volume and firmness in the treated area for several additional months after the gel has been resorbed. This unique property of Radiesse makes this dermal filler suitable for the “regenerative” cosmetic treatments.

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How does Radiesse work to restore volume below the skin?

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What other cosmetic treatments can Radiesse be used for?

In our contemporary Dallas and Southlake regenerative cosmetic practice, Dr. Malik uses Radiesse for other novel facial applications such as “non-surgical rhinoplasty” and “non-surgical chin enhancement”. For V-lift or Liquid facelift, Dr. Malik now uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with a dermal filler, ( also known as PRP facelift) or lipografting/nanofat stem cell injection treatments for incredibly natural results which improve far more than just the volume of face and neck.

How long do the results from Radiesse hand rejuvenation last?

Results form Radiesse hand rejuvenation typically last between 1 – 2 years. It is impossible to predict duration of individual results. We see our patients three months from the initial Radiesse injection treatment and inject a single 1.5 cc syringe (at an additional cost) if needed. We cannot predict who will need a touch up at three months

Does Radiesse require allergy testing?

No, Radiesse does not require allergy testing. Radiesse is a safe, effective and non-surgical treatment, which provides immediate smoothing of wrinkles, scars and the replenishment of volume loss.


Radiesse for hands certified injector in Dallas:

Dr. Naila Malik is a Certified Radiesse Hand Injector and one of the first physicians in Dallas to be certified as a Radiesse injector.

Micropen CIT for skin surface rejuvenation:

Radiesse will immediately replenish the volume below the skin of your hands, but it has no effect on the skin surface aging, texture, brown spots etc. As part of your complete hand rejuvenation, you will get a Micropen treatment, one to two weeks after your Radiesse injection. The Micropen treatments are newer, minimally invasive skin surface treatments which mechanically resurface the upper layers of skin and induce collagen synthesis. The Micropen collagen synthesis treatment is called CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy. This is how it works; the Micropen tip has 12 surgical steel micro-needles which vibrate at 6000-8000 rpms. The vibrating tip is gently glided on the skin surface with hyaluronic acid and in doing so it gently, and effectively removes dead surface cells, creates micro-channels for transportation of cosmeceuticals, and causes micro-injuries which your body repairs with its own collagen synthesis. In the weeks following your CIT with the Micropen, you will notice an improvement in skin texture, solar pigmentation, skin firmness, improvement of fine lines etc.

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What is the cost of the complete hand rejuvenation treatment in Dallas and Southlake?

The cost of complete hand rejuvenation treatments in Dallas and Southlake is $945
and it includes:
TWO Syringes (3cc) – Radiesse Volumizing Filler 1.5cc/syringe
One Micropen treatment of back of hands for texture, fine line and pigment improvement.
One Prescription for skin lightening crème IF clinically indicated
A follow up visit three months after your initial injection treatments.
The cost of additional Radiesse IF needed at three months is NOT included in the above hnd rejuvenation package.

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