Aurora Clearderm- Dallas Hyperpigmentation Treatments for Dark Skin


Treatment of hyper-pigmentation, pigmented acne scars in African American, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian skin in Dallas and Southlake

The Aurora Clearderm Program

Last week, I saw a beautiful young African American woman for skin consultation for ongoing acne, dark brown acne scars and large areas of hyperpigmentation on the sides of her face. She seemed very conscious of her skin and had covered the spots with heavy concealer and foundation. She had history of multiple treatments in the past with no improvement and she came to our office with little expectation
Over the years I have seen and successfully treated countless patients with hyperpigmentation of all skin types, African American, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian at our Southlake and Dallas cosmetic skincare offices.

Those of you suffering from dark brown spots, uneven pigmentation, brown acne scars know how difficult and frustrating it is to get rid of these dark spots and I share your frustration!

Being in practice for over 20 years, I have tried every prescription and non prescription treatment for hyperpigmentation with less than ideal results. About four years ago, I saw a beautiful Hispanic young woman in my Southlake office who had severe dark irregular pigmentation and acne scars on her face which made her very uncomfortable going out without make-up. She was getting ready for a beach vacation with her husband and was desperate to try anything to improve her discoloration.

I really wanted to help her improve her complexion but was not sure if I would be able to reduce her severe pigmentation. We sat down and devised a program which consisted of multiple office treatments requiring regular office visits, use of prescription skin lightener which I had custom compounded for her, strict avoidance of sun and wearing broad spectrum minimum SPF 20 EVERY DAY.

I asked my pharmacy to compound a custom skin peel with TCA, Salicylic acid and Hydroquinone for my patient at a different strength than commonly used and we used this peel every few weeks, after a microdermabrasion to reach deeper pigmentation. It is tricky to use these types of peels in dark skin because they can lead to chemical skin burn and increase in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

I also told her that it may or may not work and even if it works, it may take several months.
We started her treatments and watched for any side effects. She showed gradual improvement with each treatment and after about 10 months of combined treatments she showed PHENOMENAL improvement in her pigmentation.

Since then we have treated a large number of individuals with all skin types for hyperpigmentation disorders and have fine tuned our hyperpigmentation treatment program.

We call it Aurora (named after the Roman goddess of dawn) Clearderm (because the treatment clears acne and other surface imperfections of skin as well). Here is more information about the Aurora Clearderm
Naila Malik MD Aurora Clearderm Program is an effective treatment program to reduce hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, surface acne scars, large pores and skin texture. The Aurora Clearderm program consists of a series of office treatments and prescription products or medications to suit your individual needs.

At your initial visit I will evaluate your skin, your prior treatments, your response to prior treatments and your medical history for suitability of any cosmetic treatment.

Certain skin conditions, medical disorders, even some prescription medications may make Aurora Clearderm treatment less than ideal and we will be able to determine if you are a candidate for this program before you start.

Minimal downtime, results-oriented treatment for face, chest and back

The Aurora Clearderm treatment is well tolerated with minimum down time. The office treatments consist of medical microdermabrasion and our custom compounded prescription medicated peel, the Aurora Peel. Microdermabrasion is painless with little to no downtime.

With the Aurora peel, there is transient burning pain during the treatment which lasts a few minutes. Immediately after the Aurora peel treatment, there may be mild to moderate skin redness, followed by superficial peeling for 2-4 days. Most patients notice an improvement in texture, pores, pigmentation after the first peel.

The treatment is safe and effective for face, chest wall and back for improvement in texture, acne, fine lines and superficial pigment irregularities.

We start with minimum of three months of the hyperpigmentation treatment, followed by maintenance hyperpigmentation reduction program. Individual results vary with severity of hyper-pigmentation, depth of hyperpigmentation, individual response to treatment, sun exposure and compliance. More than one treatment program may be needed for best results.

For safety conscious, results-focused treatments for hyper-pigmentation in African American, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian skin in Dallas and Southlake, please call our office at 888-210-9693