What to Expect From Your Nonsurgical Facial Tightening Treatment in Dallas

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What to Expect from Nonsurgical Facial Tightening in Dallas?

Nonsurgical and noninvasive anti-aging treatments are the most commonly requested skin procedures at our Dallas cosmetic skincare practice.
With so many new options available and so much “hype” and “buzz words” it can be daunting to figure out the most suitable treatment for your particular skincare needs.

In our practice, I personally like to see every patient who is not sure about his or her needs. After evaluating your skin and reviewing your medical history I like to suggest a treatment plan that I honestly feel will best suit your needs, taking into account your time frame, ability to take time off for recovery and your budget.

I also like to be upfront about your expectations from any particular treatment and any possible side effects from the treatment. It not uncommon for me to suggest surgical facelift for my patients who I think will do better with that approach. I do not perform surgery and do not have an alliance with any facial plastic surgeons.

Nonsurgical and noninvasive treatments are gaining popularity over surgical and invasive procedures due to obvious reasons of no down time, no pain, no need for anesthesia etc. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that the results from most nonsurgical and noninvasive treatments are going to be less dramatic than surgical facelift and that these procedures may not be for everyone. Same holds true for surgical facelift, a large number of patients do great with nonsurgical, noninvasive skin tightening and rejuvenation without the need for surgical incisions ad anesthesia.

Some of the newer nonsurgical facial tightening and rejuvenating treatments are surprisingly quite effective.

I personally was very skeptical of Bella Face when I was first approached by a friend who fell in love with the treatment and suggested I add this to my services. I hesitantly tried my first Bella Face treatment and was quite pleasantly astonished with the immediate improvement after my first session with no pain and no downtime. Granted I do not (yet) have excessive facial sagging or wrinkles but I noticed subtle improvement in my naso-labial folds and tightening of my jawline. I also noticed an improvement or lift of my eyebrows. I finished my 5 treatments for face in 3 weeks and received a lot of compliments from many of my patients and friends!

Needless to say I added this treatment to my Dallas cosmetic skincare office and have been very pleased with the results on my patients!

Of course, like all cosmetic treatments, individual results vary with so many factors unique to each person, extent of aging before the treatment, genetics, lifestyle, stress level, nutrition are some of the variables that determine the outcome
I would say, if you have mild to moderate photo-aging, and mild to moderate sagging of face, under chin skin, jawline, you are a pretty good candidate for this treatment. With a good lifestyle, nutrition, adequate stress management and absence of any chronic illnesses you will likely have pretty good outcome.

Please call our office 888-210-9693 to make an appointment an find out if this is the right treatment for you