Best Acne Treatment Options- 6 Common Causes of Adults Acne


Best Acne Treatment Options- 6 Common Causes of Adult Acne

Adult acne patients make up about 30% of our acne patient population.
It seems more and more adults are experiencing acne breakouts these days compared with few years ago with symptoms such as, deep painful cystic type lesions, oily skin and blocked pores etc.
Perhaps some of this can be explained with the evolving environmental factors such as increase in pollution, increase in hormones used in foods, increase in day to day stress.
To adequately manage a chronic skin condition, it is imperative to know the causation .
Some of the common factors leading to acne breakouts in adult population are as follows:

  1. Hormonal Imbalance– Change in hormone levels is a known cause for increase in skin inflammation leading to exacerbation of all types of inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis. The change in hormone levels can be due to pregnancy, birth control pills, emotional or physical stress, presence of other medical conditions such as Polycystic ovarian disease, metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) or thyroid problems.
  2. Diet- A diet rich in saturated fats and high glycemic carbohydrates has been linked with increase in skin inflammation, increase in skin oil production and exacerbation of chronic inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, eczema, rosacea etc.
  3. Dairy– intake of dairy has been associated with increase in skin inflammation, thus exacerbating incidence and severity of acne, rosacea, eczema etc. Switching to organic dairy may reduce this incidence but even organic dairy has hormones given to cows for milk production and these can exacerbate acne
  4. Stress– Let’s face it.. we live in a high paced society and most of us live in chronic stress. This is extremely detrimental to skin. Stress related mediators and neurotransmitters cause vasoconstriction of skin, strangling skin of vital blood flow which leads to poor skin circulation, poor skin nutrition and inability of skin to repair daily wear and tear effectively. This chronic state of poor skin nutrition leads to exacerbation of all inflammatory insults to skin resulting in accelerated aging and precipitation of other chronic inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema, dandruff.
  5. Skin Care Routine– Lack of proper skincare routine or the wrong type of skincare may lead to excessive skin oiliness or excessive skin dryness. Skincare with synthetic oils or too much moisture for this skin type tends to cause blocked pores and formation of skin cysts . We recommend using Naila MD Anti-inflammatory acne skin care for all of our acne patients. Adult patients with excess skin surface oil do best with the ACNE | Medicated Cleanser (Salicylic acid and AHA) and ACNE | Treat & Nourish (2% Salicylic acid and loads of anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory ingredients). Most adult acne patients who use commonly available acne products tend to get excessive skin dryness and skin irritation and inflammation which starts the cycle of inflammatory skin acne and worsening of other inflammatory skin disorders. For this group CALM| Cleansing gelee with natural gentle cleansing agents and arnica to reduce redness and ACNE| Wrinkle & Acne reducer (with Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients and peptides) works very well to clear pores, keep breakouts at bay without over drying or irritating skin for those with occasional breakouts and normal to dry skin
  6. Make Up- Using the wrong type of make up can lead to skin irritation, blocked pores and the never ending cycle of chronic inflammatory skin conditions. We recommend Naila MD SUNCARE | BB Creme, a mineral tinted SPF20 skin hydrator, which provides sheer coverage without blocking pores for a healthy, “nude” skin look, available in three shades for most skin tones
  7. For all of my adult acne patients, I like to discuss the potential causes of their acne and strongly suggest to make positive changes in lifestyle, diet, stress management, skincare routine and make up for better long term management.
    In order for ANY medical treatment or procedure to work its best, it is extremely important to recognize the causes of acne and modify your lifestyle, skincare or make up to suit your skin for your healthiest, clearest skin