Best Non-surgical Option for Skin Tightening in Aesthetic Medicine Today!


Microneedle Fractional Radio-frequency Treatments (branded in US as Infini, Fractora and in UK as Intracel) is the newest and likely most effective nonsurgical skin tightening treatment option in minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic medicine at this time.
The reason for superb results with this new treatment is the vastly improved delivery method of an already tried and clinically proven treatment modality, the radio-frequency waves. The Radio-frequency treatment was FDA approved for collagen tightening and new collagen regeneration in 2002 (Thermage). The actual results were not as good on real patients as they appeared before the roll out of this technology because of the limitations of this treatment. Radio frequency waves do not penetrate intact skin easily and increasing the intensity of the treatment led to unbearable pain in the patients which led to limited results.

Over the last few years, two major breakthroughs have made a tremendous difference in the results of this treatment: Use of Fractional radio-frequency and delivery into the mid dermis with use of specially designed, gold plated and insulated microneedles.
The outcome is unsurpassed results with a series of this minimally invasive treatment on all skin conditions that can be improved with collagen tightening and regeneration, namely skin laxity, deep wrinkles and folds, skin texture, deep acne and other scars.
Microneedle Fractional Radio-frequency is considered the BEST Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Treatment Option In Noninvasive Aesthetic Medicine Today!

Microneedle Fractional Radio-frequency skin tightening treatments (brands in US Infini and Fractora) are the most effective, safe and easy way to get firmer, tighter and smoother skin without invasive surgery. Our state of art system is capable of varying the fractional radio-frequency between bipolar or monopolar to suit your skin needs, it uses gold plated, insulated needles to deliver fractional radio-frequency precisely, deep into the dermis without damaging epidermis for immediate visible improvement and long-lasting results.

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