Best Skin Cleansing Tips- Change your Cleanser

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Best Cleaning Tips- Change your cleanser with your changing skincare needs

Most people make the mistake of keeping the same skin cleanser regardless of their changing skincare needs. I see this very often in our patients.

This can lead to over drying of skin with continued or too frequent use of anti-acne cleanser or cleanser meant to reduce skin surface oils when your skin does not this type of cleansing or the opposite effect of excess surface oil accumulation and acne breakouts with continued use of “extra gentle” cleanser made for dry or irritated skin.

The truth is, very few people have constant skincare needs.
For most of us, our skin goes through periods of excess oil production with increase in acne breakouts interspersed with periods of relatively low surface oil with tendency to get “dry” or irritated.

The skin oil variation and susceptibility to acne breakouts or to irritation and redness can vary with several internal or external influences such as, menstrual cycle, stress level, extremes of temperature, level of physical activity, type of diet etc.

The solution is quite simple:
Have two types of cleanser at hand suitable to your most common variations and switch with your changing skin needs.
I personally use Naila MD medicated acne cleanser and Ageless AHA pore refining cleanser and switch between the two even during the same day depending on my skin at the time.

For a lot of our patients a combination of Ageless AHA pore refining cleanser and Calm Cleasning gelee works very well in keeping the balance of the skin cleanliness and moisture level.

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