BHRT and Pellet Therapy- Hormone Replacement for Improved Health and Quality of Life


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BHRT and Pellet Therapy- Hormone Replacement for Improved Health and Quality of Life

Data supports that hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is the most effective and the most bio-identical method to deliver hormones in both men and women. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy.

At our Dallas and Southlake aesthetic and wellness clinics, your BHRT starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your medical, surgical and hormonal history, followed by saliva hormonal assays and over 20 blood tests including lipids, chemistry, liver, kidney function and blood cell counts.

Based on your history, your symptoms and the results of your hormone and blood tests, you are prescribed a trial dose of BHRT, administered through cremes, pills and or injections; eight to ten weeks after starting your initial hormone therapy in the form of cremes or injections, you are clinically evaluated for improvement and your hormone levels are checked to determine the right dose of bio-identical hormones for optimization of your unique hormonal balance. Your pellet therapy consists of the precise dose of hormones (testosterone for men and testosterone with or without estrogen for women) determined by your response to the initial trial hormone replacement therapy. This approach takes the guess work out of the pellet dosing and eliminates over-dosage or under-dosage with pellet therapy.

Pellet insertion is a quick, painless and safe treatment which has helped millions of men and women achieve optimized hormonal status for better quality of life. Pellet insertion is usually needed every 3-4 months for consistent hormone levels.

Cost Of BHRT & Pellet Therapy

The BHRT & pellet therapy program cost consists of evaluation costs and treatment costs:

BHRT Evaluation Costs

Initial evaluation with blood and saliva hormone testing : $649
Follow up visit with saliva hormones (8-10 weeks after initial BHRT): $130
For all women, we require you to bring the results of your annual mammography and annual pap smear from your gynecologist before starting BHRT.

Pellet Therapy Cost:

Women: $350

Men: $650 for up to 2000 mg

Men: $750 for more than $2000 mg

The cost of BHRT cremes or injections for a short period of time after initial testing and before starting pellet therapy is not included and varies with your individual dosage.

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