Botox Treatment Special in Southlake TX

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Botox and Cosmetic Fillers Special Every Thursday
Southlake Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

Botox $11/unit every Thursday

All cosmetic injection treatments at our Southlake cosmetic dermatology office are performed by Dr. Malik. We can help you decide if BOTOX® cosmetic is the right treatment for you. At your initial visit, Dr. Malik evaluates your skin needs, reviews your medical history, your past treatment response and discusses realistic expectations from the treatment.

Not all Botox treatments lead to the same results! We have seen widely different results in the same individual from two different injectors. It takes comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and an innate asthetic sense for best cosmetic outcome.

For Best results from Botox treatments, Dr. Malik takes into account your facial structure, your eyebrow shape and your prior experience with the treatment, which has led to our exceptional patient satisfaction rate from Botox treatments.

We recommend a healthy lifestyle and an effective, clinical skincare to complement your cosmetic skin treatments for best results.

We currently have the following skincare systems to select from:
AGELESS | Cellular Repair complex
CALM | Gentle skincare for sensitive and rosacea prone skin
SUNCARE| BB Creme- Mineral tinted SPF 20 skin perfecting moisturizer
SKINGEAR| for Men for your skincare needs
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