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We strive to update our service and pricing menu based on the feedback from our patients.
Our Botox and Xeomin price structure for this week is as follows:
Botox/Xeomin: $11 per unit
$200 per Area
You will also qualify to receive a $50 gift certificate from Merz, the manufacturer of Xeomin with purchase of $40 or more units of Xeomin or when you get two treatment areas with Xeomin. Or when you combine Xeomin with Belotero or Radiesse at the same visit.
Look for our specials on the dermal filler treatments this week to get the most of your office visit.

Free touch up WITHIN 14 days of initial treatment is included in $200 per area price.
If you choose to pay for Botox/Xeomin per unit at the time of initial treatment, there is a charge of $11/unit for touch up based on the number of units needed for touch up.

Ask us about Botox or Xeomin for neck wrinkles, Botox or Xeomin for chin wrinkles, Botox or Xeomin for face slimming and jaw reduction and Botox and Xeomin for hyperhidrosis

Botox and Xeomin Treatments are offered at both Southlake and Dallas offices on the following days:
Southlake Office- Monday and Wednesday Dallas Office- Tuesday and Thursday

Please call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment.