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Non-surgical Skin Tightening- Why You Need to Consider This Treatment Before Botox and Dermal Fillers?

As we age, our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity which results in wrinkles, folds, skin sagging, jowls and so forth. The most commonly available non-surgical skin treatments aimed at correcting wrinkles, folds and sagging work best with optimum skin density and firmness which is why for individuals with less than optimum skin density, it is recommended to consider non-surgical skin tightening before considering Botox, dermal fillers, and NovaThreads.


Comparison between two great cosmetic treatments; non-surgical skin tightening for face, eyes, and neck and NovaThread facelift, eyelift and necklift

Non-surgical Skin Tightening OR NovaThread Facelift, Which Treatment Is Best For YOU?

Surgical facelifts is a major surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia with all its risks, extensive downtime and sometimes less than desired irreversible results. Fortunately cosmetic medicine today offers ma number of non-surgical skin tightening and skin “lifting” treatment options. In fact, with all the new non-surgical facelift treatments, it is confusing for most people to figure out which treatment is best for their needs.


Dallas Non-surgical Facelift and Skin Tightening Treatments

Micro-Needle Fractional RF vs. NovaThreads: Which is Best?

A “liquid” facelift, “V-Lift”, “Thread Lift”, skin tightening lasers, radiofrequency and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments are advantageous to many patients hoping to achieve a more vibrant and youthful appearance.  Surgical facelift treatments often exceed $9,000 and require several weeks of downtime for recovery.  In the hands of a skilled Physician, a combination of non-surgical cosmetic treatments can yield significant changes to the appearance. While individual results vary, patients may be able to achieve instantly-visible rejuvenation, tightening, and lifting. Two emerging non-surgical options for facial tightening and “lift” include the Micro-Needle Fractional RF and Novathreads, which may be used in conjunction with dermal fillers treatments for subcutaneous volume.

Dallas Non-surgical Skin Tightening

Dallas Non-surgical Face And Neck Lift

Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency -MFR Or “Injectable Radiofrequency” Skin Tightening

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Options For Face And Neck?

With growing requests for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatments, it is a question you need the honest answer to. What is the best treatment option for non-surgical skin tightening in 2016?

During the last decade the consumer trends have set precedence of non-surgical, technology driven antiaging skin treatments over the traditional nip and tuck approach to face and neck aging. We have seen advent of several new technologies to fill the desperate need for effective non-surgical face and neck tightening, all promising “great results with painless treatment session and no downtime”.

Photograph is of our patient, before and 4 months after PRP + ACell treatment. Patient had five PRP hair regeneration treatments elsewhere  prior to her visit at our practice. Individual resulst vary

About 10 months ago we started the PRP + ACell injection treatment for androgenic alopecia or male and female pattern hair loss in our Dallas and Southlake offices. I had researched extensively on the science, side effects, realistic results and mechanism of action of PRP hair loss treatments and attended key conferences on the latest advances on PRP for cosmetic skin and hair loss treatments all over US but I am never 100% sure of the results until I see the outcome of any treatment in my own patients.

The patient photographed above is especially interesting to me because this particular patient had FIVE PRP (alone) scalp treatments, at 2 month intervals before her first treatment at our office. Her last PRP scalp treatment prior to her visit at our office was 2 months before her first visit at our office. According to the patient she noticed no improvement in her hair density or quality after five PRP injection treatments of the scalp over the span of 12 months. She also reported that the degree of her hair loss had not changed after the PRP hair loss treatments either. As you may know that regenerative treatments like PRP for hair regeneration do not work equally on everyone. There is a small percentage of people who do not respond to the PRP hair regeneration. This was my concern with the above patient and I discussed this at length before her treatment. In fact, it is safe to say that I discouraged the patient from getting her PRP + ACell treatment done at our Southlake office on the day of her consultation for treatment of female pattern hair loss. I did not want to do the treatment because I do not like disappointments at all and I was not sure how much difference the addition of ACell will make to the hair regenerating effect of PRP.

How to Look Your Younger self in Less Than an Hour!

The PRP Facelift treatments in Dallas and Southlake:

The PRP Facial treatments involve  use of the healing power of your blood to generate collagen and elastin in your skin for tighter, firmer, healthier and more youthful face.

Cosmetic PRP facial Rejuvenation In Dallas and Southlake

The regenerative cosmetic PRP therapy in Dallas and Southlake, Natural Results in About an Hour!

PRP + HA dermal filler- Facial Rejuvenation in Dallas and Southlake