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Your 3-D Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Plan For Dermal Aging:

Dermal aging manifests as thinning of skin, loss of skin firmness and development of deeper wrinkles. All these dermal changes are due to loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis.The most common patient concerns from dermal aging are:

  • Sagging of skin leading to jowls, pre-jowls, nasolabial folds

Skin_treatment_Enhancers_NailaMalikMD.jpgIn the world of cosmetic medicine today, a large variety of cosmetic treatments are used for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, scar and stretch mark reduction. These include radio-frequency, light and laser procedures.

The popularity of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation and scar reduction has been rising due to minimal risk and rapid recovery from these procedures. The downsides of non-surgical skin treatments are the limitation of improvement and the variation of results from person to person due to differences in individual healing response to any particular treatment.

Many non-surgical cosmetic treatments for anti-aging, scar and stretch mark reduction work by inducing a controlled dermal wound and induce collagen synthesis by your body to heal the wound; the cosmetic results of these non-surgical cosmetic treatments depend on the quality and quantity of collagen synthesized by your body to heal the micro-wounds.

DALLAS-NONSURGICAL FACELIFT--NMD (800x606) (3).jpgClick to see results of Microneedle RF for skin tightening in Southlake and Dallas

This year we have added two options to further enhance the results of Microneedle RF treatments:

  • Skin RE-GF Complex- A specialized HA based serum full of peptides, anti-oxidants, fibroblast and epidermal growth factors to promote better healing of the micro-wounds created during the treatment for better results.
  • PRP therapy– use of a small amount of your blood for its healing potential with your platelets and growth factors for enhanced treatment results

We have started treating our patients with Skin RE- GF Complex and PRP and cant wait to share some of our Microneedle RF treatment results enhanced with the above two options!

What is the Microneedle RF Treatment?
Below is some information about this exciting new treatment option for non-surgical skin tightening for face and neck.


The Microneedle Fractional Radio frequency treatment delivers radio frequency energy via microneedles below the skin surface in multiple miniscule beams leading to “fractional” heat zones, leaving normal tissue in between the heated zones for shorter recovery time. This treatment helps generate collagen in two ways; The microneedles cause mico-injuries in the deeper dermis which your body heals with collagen production. The fractional radiofrequency heats up the deeper dermis in 360 degrees around each microneedle tip for further collagen tightening and synthesis. Our Microneedle RF system uses gold plated and insulated needles for minimum injury to skin surface for little or no downtime.

Side Effects:

There is some discomfort associated with the procedure which is minimized with use of topical numbing creme prior to the treatment. There may be mild to moderate redness which in most cases is resolved in 1 to 3 days. The area treated is sensitive and may be tender to touch for 3 to 5 days after the treatment. Occasionally there may be bruising form the treatment which can take 10-14 days to completely resolve. There is a small risk of skin infection in spite of adequate precautions. We urge you to contact us immediately for any signs of infection (excessive redness, tenderness, swelling). There is risk of activation of Herpes Simplex (cold sores). Let us know if you have history of cold sores so we can provide you a prescription for cold sore prophylaxis.

Although very rare, there may be dimpled scarring and hyperpigmentation following this treatment.


Keloid scarring, eczema, active infections, actinic keratosis, History of Herpes simplex, chronic skin conditions, use of aspiring or other NSAIDS.

Absolute contraindications: Cardiac abnormalities, use of certain blood thinning medications, immune suppression, scleroderma, collagen vascular disease, recent scars (less than 6 months old), pregnancy, lactation.

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Microneedle RF treatments offer an excellent option for non-surgical skin tightening, wrinkle and texture improvement for mild to moderate skin aging.
Minimal Discomfort, NO Downtime
A series of three sessions, 3 weeks apart is recommended. Collagen remodeling takes 2-3 months, Results continue to improve for months after the final treatment. Face, neck, skin around the eyes and any other area of body can be treated.

Add PRP Therapy in Dallas and Southlake to your Microneedle RF treatment for faster recovery and enhanced results.

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*Actual Microneedle RF Treatment patient(s), individual results may vary

NONSURGICAL-SKIN TIGHTENING-C-DALLAS-NAILAMALIKMD-RS.jpgMicroneedle Fractional Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment (some of the available brands are LUTRONIC INFINI and INTRAcel) is one of the most effective, safe and easy treatment to get firmer, tighter and smoother skin without invasive surgery in the aesthetic Medicine today. Our state of art system uses gold plated, insulated needles to deliver fractional radiofrequency (monoplar or bipolar) precisely, deep into the dermis without damaging epidermis for immediate visible improvement and long-lasting results.

The procedure is ideal for a little improvement in skin firmness under the chin or around the eyes in those of you not quite ready for surgical neck and eye lift.

The treatment is typically done a s a series of three sessions, two to four weeks apart. Results continue to improve for three to four months after completing the treatment sessions.

3D-DERMALIFT_MICRONEEDLE_FRACTIONAL_RF.jpgMicroneedle Fractional Radio-frequency Treatments (branded in US as Infini, Fractora and in UK as Intracel) is the newest and likely most effective nonsurgical skin tightening treatment option in minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic medicine at this time.

The reason for superb results with this new treatment is the vastly improved delivery method of an already tried and clinically proven treatment modality, the radio-frequency waves. The Radio-frequency treatment was FDA approved for collagen tightening and new collagen regeneration in 2002 (Thermage). The actual results were not as good on real patients as they appeared before the roll out of this technology because of the limitations of this treatment. Radio frequency waves do not penetrate intact skin easily and increasing the intensity of the treatment led to unbearable pain in the patients which led to limited results.

Over the last few years, two major breakthroughs have made a tremendous difference in the results of this treatment: Use of Fractional radio-frequency and delivery into the mid dermis with use of specially designed, gold plated and insulated microneedles.

Thumbnail image for NONSURGICAL-SKIN TIGHTENING-C-DALLAS-NAILAMALIKMD-RS.jpgDALLAS-MICRONEEDLE RF-NAILAMALIKMD.jpgOur patient in the above photographs underwent three Microneedle Fractional RF treatments, three weeks apart, the above photos are before and three months after the third treatment. Individual results may vary.

Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency skin tightening treatments (examples in US Infini and Fractora) are the most effective, safe and easy way to get firmer, tighter and smoother skin without invasive surgery. Our state of art system (similar to Intracel) uses gold plated, insulated needles to deliver fractional radio frequency with options of Bi-polar or Monopolar modes, precisely, deep into the dermis without damaging epidermis for immediate visible improvement and long-lasting results.

Most patients experience minimal to no discomfort and little to no downtime. Topical numbing crème is applied to the skin before the treatment and a cooling tip is used immediately afterward to reduce mild swelling and redness associated with the treatment.

DALLAS-MICRONEEDLE RF-NAILAMALIKMD.jpgNONSURGICAL-SKIN TIGHTENING-C-DALLAS-NAILAMALIKMD-RS.jpgNonsurgical skin tightening is a type of treatment requested by a very large number of our patients. Most common areas of face and neck consulted for non-surgical skin tightening treatment in our practice are; skin around the eyes, skin around the mouth, jowls/pre-jowls, and skin under the chin.

I have been following the latest advancements in non-surgical cosmetic medicine and searching for a treatment option that can effectively tighten these areas without the downtime and pain associated with some of the treatments for a long time. Unfortunately I have seen many widely advertised aesthetic treatments and machines that promise big results but fail to deliver their promise.

My search for non-surgical skin tightening treatment led me to a very interesting set of articles which showed promise with the new delivery method of an old and well known treatment, the radiofrequency treatment,. The radiofrequency treatment has been around in medicine for a number of years for various applications. RF was FDA approved for skin tightening in 2012 as Thermage. I did not introduce Thermage to our practice because of the reviews of this treatment and unimpressive results.

Results of Microneedle RF for Body Skin Tightening:
The photos are of actual individuals before and after a series of Microneedle RF treatments (3D MFR) Individual results may vary.We recommend a series of 4 to 6 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart for best results.To find out what this treatment can do for you, please call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment.