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Microneedle RF treatments offer an excellent option for non-surgical skin tightening, wrinkle and texture improvement for mild to moderate skin sagging, wrinkles and poor texture on any part of the body; including face, neck, chest wall, arms, legs and knees. Increase in skin thickness and elasticity results in tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and better texture.

Minimal Discomfort, NO Downtime

For treatment of poor elasticity (loose skin), wrinkles and poor texture of legs and knees a series of four to six sessions, three to four weeks apart may be needed for best results. Collagen remodeling takes 2-3 months, Results continue to improve for months after the final treatment. Numbing creme is applied for one hour before the appointment to reduce the discomfort associated with the treatment. Leg treatments may take up to two hours for each session.

Dermalift Cellulite treatment uses electrical stimulation, medicated gel and Aquaphoresis to tighten skin and reduce cellulite on the hips, buttocks and thigh areas. The medicated gel is customized for each patient for optimum results. Ten sessions, two to three days apart are recommended for most individuals.

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We are very grateful to our patients for letting us share their photographs for the Bellacontour treatment. The above photographs are of actual individuals who underwent the Bellacontour Body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments. Like all cellulite treatments, the results are best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Bellacontour body contouring treatments is not a weight loss program.
Although, we have seen impressive results in a vast majority of our Bellacontour treatment patients it is important to know that individual results of Bellacontour cellulite reduction treatments vary from person to person and are determined by each person’s unique genetics, lifestyle and response to the treatment.

Dallas-Cellulite Treatment-May-2013.JPGWe are glad to offer the revolutionary Bellacontour treatment system for body contouring and cellulite reduction at our Dallas Cosmetic Skincare and Weight Management Practice

The BellaContour is the result of many years of extensive research and development. This innovative, patented technology uses the mechanical and physical characteristics of ultrasound technology to treat beyond the superficial layers of the skin –

with a penetration depth of up to 3 inches. The Ultrasound breaks down the trapped fat cells in the skin and releases fat in the connective tissue. The fat is subsequently removed by the circulatory and lymphatic systems activated by the Bellacontour treatment.