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The Dermashine MD treatment involves microinjections of nutrients (hyaluronic acid, pure vitamin C, coQ10) into the skin for an instant boost in skin hydration, suppleness and radiance followed by collagen induction due to micro-injuries from needle punctures; whereas Micropen involves gentle mechanical resurfacing of the skin with surgical steel microneedles for an instant skin texture improvement followed by collagen induction from controlled micro-injuries.


Our patient, before and immediately after a single DermaShine MD treatment, individual results vary


The Best Mother’s Day Gifts: 5 Dallas Cosmetic Treatments She’ll Love

If you’re shopping for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, looking beyond jewellery options could be a powerful way to express gratitude. The National Retail Federation reports gifts for Mothers this season are trending away from material goods and towards experiences and services with lasting meaning. Read on to discover 5 of the most popular gift certificates for cosmetic treatments this Mother’s Day season:

Southlake-Microblading-RS-150x150 Microblading – $350

NailaMalikMD-PRP-ACell-Women-Hair-Loss-TreatmentPRP And ACell Plus LLLT- A New Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment For Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss, Alopecia Areata and Other Thinning Hair Conditions.

PRP & ACell For Hair Regeneration

PRP Alone For Hair Regeneration