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The current cosmetic Skincare Specials  in Dallas and Southlake are valid until the end of this month:

Xeomin/Botox for Dynamic Wrinkle Reduction and For hyperhidrosis in Dallas and Southlake- $11/unit

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Syneron eLaser Removal Powered by elōs Technology

Fast. Effective. Pain Free.

Gentle Hair Removal™

The Gentle Laser Hair Removal by Syneron elaser hair removal system uses patented elos technology which for hair removal consists of diode laser and RF , these products penetrate the hair follicle, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin.

Hair Removal powered by elōs Technology offers safe and effective hair removal treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types. The high frequency and lower energy delivery provides virtually pain free treatments with far shorter treatment times than competitive systems.

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Laser Hair Removal In Dallas and Southlake For Most Skin Types. Models in the photograph are not our patients

Laser Hair Removal Deals in Southlake and Dallas; Staring at $99/six treatments

All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT), licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results and any side effects. .Your skin type, hormonal status can affect the outcome of your laser hair removal treatment. Also, systemic illnesses, skin infections, folliculitis and medications can affect treatment outcomes. Dr. Malik’s laser trained and experienced staff starts with your skin evaluation for presence of any active skin conditions that might affect your treatment, a review of your response to any previous skin treatments to ensure your safety and appropriateness for treatment.

Three Ways to Get Your Legs Spring Ready

Warm spring days are finally here; are you ready to show off your legs in short skirts and cute shorts? No need to panic, you can get your legs summer-ready in no time with three easy tips!

1. Moisturize, Hydrate, Moisturize!



Our newest hair reduction system allows you to have smooth hair free skin; painlessly and in less than half the time. Safe and effective for most skin types (Fitzpatrick I through V) . As always, all treatments are performed by our experienced clinical aestheticians under Dr. Malik’s supervision.

DallasHairRemoval-NailaMalikMD.jpgLASER HAIR REMOVAL in Dallas and Southlake- Up to 78% OFF

Laser hair reduction is a process of permanent hair reduction with the use of lasers and intense pulsed light devices specific for destroying hair follicles. By targeting the dark pigment in hair follicles, lasers and light based devices such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are able to instantly and permanently destroy the follicles. Because other follicles can grow hair later, this process is called “hair reduction” rather than hair removal. When performed properly, it can provide smooth, attractive results on the face, neck, chest, breast, back, arms, underarms, legs and bikini area. Each treatment with the hair reduction laser or light based device destroys between 10-20% of hair follicles, mostly targeting hair follicles in active hair growth cycle which varies from person to person and within the same individual due to several factors; genetics, hormone levels, recent major illness, stress, recent child birth etc. Minimum of six sessions are recommended to achieve adequate hair reduction followed by periodic maintenance. Dark skin individuals may need a higher number of sessions due to lower energy treatments to protect the pigment in the skin surface.

Our laser hair removal treatment is sold as a package of six sessions for improved results. Some individuals may need more than six sessions due to genetics, hormonal or other factors which make hair less susceptible to hair reduction with lasers and IPL.

Laser-Hair-Removal-NailaMalikMD.jpgLasers and light based permanent hair removal was FDA approved in the mid 1990’s and the technology has since come a long way. The different types of lasers and light based hair removal systems work by heating up the dark pigment of the hair bulbs and destroying hair follicles. Older generation lasers and light based devices were slow, very painful and associated with a much larger incidence of side effects such as skin burns, scarring, pigment changes and so forth. It was virtually impossible to treat tanned or dark skin types. An ideal laser hair removal treatment candidate for earlier lasers and light based devices was an indibidual with very light skin and very dark hair, i.e Snow White. Newer light based devices (BBL/IPL) and lasers are much more safe and effective on all skin types and colors. The treatments are much faster and far more comfortable, virtually painless. Laser hair removal with the right equipment performed by an experienced technician is safe and effective on any area of the body. We have several different types of permanent laser hair removal systems in our Southlake and Dallas offices.

Our Southlake office has the Broadband light (BBL) hair removal system

BROADBAND LIGHT (BBL)- HAIR REMOVAL Our BBL hair removal system very comparable to the Forever Bare BBL™ by Sciton. The Southlake hair removal system provides safety and comfort for hair removal in two ways: