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Naila MD Best Acne Cleansers.jpgPick the right cleanser:

People want to make sure they are using the right cleanser for their skin type. A cleanser with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is great to keep skin energized, remove excess oils, refine pores and improve skin with a light exfoliation. You should use twice a day and if you find that is too drying try to use a more gentle cleanser in the morning.

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Naila MD healthylifestyle model.jpgBest Acne Treatments – Lifestyle Recommendation for Clear Skin

In our Southlake Texas dermatology practice, more a large part of our practice is dedicated to treating acne in teens and adults. We are able to achieve excellent acne control the Naila MD anti-inflammatory acne treatment systems combined with a few minor lifestyle modifications.

About 10% of our adult and teen acne patients need prescription medications and other medical in office treatments such as medical microdermabrasion, medicated chemical peels and in some cases PDT for initial 6-12 weeks alongside the Naila MD Acne treatment systems