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Jump start your weight loss in 2015 and adopt a lifestyle customized to YOUR genetics to stay healthy for life. Weight loss supplements and the Nutritional Genius Test kits are at an extra cost and not included in the six week weight loss fees.

What is Naila MD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss?

Unlike diets and other weight-loss programs, NailaMD FIT is customized for each patient from a medical perspective. Dr. Malik starts with a detailed medical history and evaluation that includes body-fat and -weight measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, review of all prescription and non prescription medications, history of previous weight loss treatments, family history and a complete metabolic blood work-up.

Non-surgical_liposuction_Dallas.jpg“The goal of a physician should be to find health because anyone can find disease”

-Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO -(1828-1917)

Wellness is defined as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. Our wellness services are based on cutting edge medical research in the field of antiaging and regenerative medicine. The wellness services are customized for YOU to optimize your overall health for healthy aging and better overall quality of life.

xRMD-DALLAS.jpgHave you ever wondered why people of the same gender, same age with same initial weight show such a wide difference in their response to the SAME weight loss program?

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals achieve their healthy weight and we know how frustrating it can be to not get the results you hope for in spite of your BEST efforts!

This year we are revolutionizing our metabolic weight loss program with the addition of two simple tests, YOUR DNA and your food sensitivity profile. We are impressed with many success stories of people just like you who have changed their lives by following the lifestyle customized for them after finding out the results of this testing.

NailamalikMD-DallasWeightLoss_weighregularly.jpgHealthy Weight For Life!

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Metabolic Weight Loss in Dallas, Highland Park, Plano and Southlake TX

Live a healthier, happier life with effective long-term weight loss.

It’s no secret that excessive fat and body weight are serious health concerns… and that losing weight and keeping it off are difficult. Weight loss and long-term healthy weight involve complex physiological equations that are different for each person. That’s why diets don’t work… and why millions of Americans struggle with excessive weight and a whole host of related health problems. But a healthy weight and a happier, more fulfilling life are achievable.

Dallas_medical_weight-loss-NailaMalikMD.jpgThe Principal Of NailaMD FIT: Better metabolism equals lasting healthy weight

It is hard to grasp the concept that in order to maintain healthy weight, we need to eat more not less; changes in three major areas of our lifestyle; diet, exercise and stress management, lead to a long lasting positive effect on our metabolism with the added benefit of lasting healthy weight.

The NailaMD FIT program is founded on cutting edge and constantly evolving science of metabolic medicine; we have taken the knowledge of how your body metabolizes different types of food, what affects your metabolism and come up with a comprehensive guide for what you can do to improve your metabolism.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Naila MD FIT Medical Weight Loss.jpgMETABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS:

The Naila MD FIT metabolic weight loss program is based on evolving research in the filed of metabolic and anti aging medicine. The Naila MD FIT metabolic weight loss program is offered at our Dallas and Southlake offices and consists of extensive lifestyle counseling; complimented with in office lipotropic ( B12-B6 MIC fat loss) injections, HCG injection (at Physician discretion), metabolism enhancing supplement recommendation and a prescription for appetite suppressant medication (if no contra-indications).

Permanent lifestyle alteration is the only clinical proven method for weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight. Individual weight loss is a function of how well you can follow the lifestyle, your genetics and presence or absence of any medical conditions.

Naila Malik MD FIT Medical weight loss in Dallas and Southlake offices is a comprehensive lifestyle alteration plan which is aimed at improving your metabolism to maintain healthy weight for longer periods of time than most other weight loss programs. Our weight loss patients who follow the program as prescribed not only lose body fat but also experience improvement in their blood pressure, cholesterol, energy level, joint pain and overall feeling of well being. Furthermore, many of our patients for weight loss in Dallas and Southlake offices notice better skin health with improvement in acne breakouts, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions.

These photos are of our weight loss patients, individual results may vary.

Before and at 6 weeks

Last week I had the pleasure to talk about “weight loss over forty” on ktxdtv “The Broadcast”

I love the hosts and the behind the scenes crew for this new hit TV talk show. We discussed challenges faced by men and women regarding healthy weight management after hitting the big Four “O”. We talked about the widely advertised programs that do not work but somehow manage to take advantage of people frustrated with extra pounds and looking to “quickly drop” the unwanted weight.