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Dallas Kybella Double Chin Reduction and Lipodissolve Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction

Target Your Problem Areas with Non-Surgical Fat Removal at Its Finest!

Kybella and Lipodissolve offer effective non-surgical treatments for double chin and for stubborn fat deposits on love handles, belly fat, bra fat etc.

Dallas-Lipodissolve-nonsurgical spot fat reduction
Dallas Lipodissolve Spot fat Reduction For Stubborn Areas

Stubborn localized fat is persistence of fat despite lifestyle modification, diet and exercise. Liposuction is a surgical option and associated with surgical risks and downtime and for some people liposuction may be the most appropriate option. For those looking for non-surgical spot fat reduction, there are a few non-surgical treatment options each with its own limitations and side effects. Lipodissolve, coolsculpting and deep ultrasound to break down fat are three most known non-surgical spot fat reduction treatments. Lipodissolve is far more popular in Europe than in the US.

We have helped a number of our patients achieve their best body goals with non-surgical spot fat reduction combined with healthy lifestyle. Our patients have experienced great results from their lipodissolve non-surgical treatment for reduction of stubborn localized fat  in areas such as love handles, saddlebags, underarms, bra fat, knee fat and any other area with localized fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise.