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Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder which starts with excess oil production, pore blockage and secondary over growth of p.acnes with formation of inflammatory pimples and cysts. For acne treatments in Southlake and Dallas office, we take a comprehensive approach to acne control; we start with lifestyle modification, in office skin treatments, at home acne skincare and oral medications as clinically indicated in each patient with acne.

We recommend the Skinmedica acne products  to a number of our acne treatment patients in Southlake and Dallas as part their comprehensive acne treatment program. Here are some facts about the Skinmedica Acne system:

SkinMedica- Acne System   acne-system-Dallas

Acne and wrinkle Skincare Christams Special.JPGNaila MD Luxury medical Skincare is Physician formulated targeted anti-inflammatory skincare for management of common skin needs.

Naila MD Skincare is simple and effective-everything you need, and nothing you don’t !

ACNE | Anti-inflammatory acne treatments for teen and adult acne

Ageless cleanser-Beautyblitz-8-`2 (100,000 unique visitors per month) recently featured the NAILA MD Ageless AHA Cleanser on their Free Stuff Calendar for August 15th. The calendar features the cleanser as the product of the day with a great write up and image for two readers to win stating, “this new Ageless AHA Cleanser utilizes glycolic acid to help dissolve makeup and debris on the face and also helps to smooth out and refine your complexion before you even apply your serum and moisturizer.” The product of the day is also mentioned in Beautyblitz’s daily newsletter. is an online authority for trend-setting beauty influencers between the ages of 18-39. The multi-media brand is a beauty resource for tastemakers and women who love beauty, trends, and style. Founded by Polly Blitzer in 2008, Beauty Blitz was named “Top 15 Sites of the Summer” by People Style Watch and ‘”Best of the Web” by InStyle. Beauty Blitz reaches its audience through an online magazine, email newsletters, video and social media channels.

About Naila MD Skincare:

Introducing SKINGEAR | Clinical skincare to minimize wrinkles pores and shave bumps in just two steps.

We are proud to present our newest addition to Naila MD family of targeted skincare for common skincare needs. The SKINGEAR system is specially formulated for skincare needs of men to target most common skin issues. Two step skin system minimizes wrinkles, pores and shave bumps. Oil absorbing nanospheres keep skin surface oil free for hours.

Naila MD Luxury medical Skincare is medical grade targeted skincare for management of common skin needs.

NailaMD Cleanser model.jpg Best Acne Treatments- How to Chose the Right Acne Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Best Acne Treatment starts with the right cleanser to prepare your sin for the next treatment step.

Too often, teens and adults with acne use the wrong cleanser for their skin type. The two most common mistakes in choosing the cleanser is either using a cleanser that is too harsh which leads to over drying and excess irritation OR using a cleanser which is quite the opposite and does not effectively clean skin surface oils and bacteria, leaving clogged pores and oily surface.

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NailaMD Cleanser model.jpgBest Cleaning Tips- Change your cleanser with your changing skincare needs

Most people make the mistake of keeping the same skin cleanser regardless of their changing skincare needs. I see this very often in our patients.

This can lead to over drying of skin with continued or too frequent use of anti-acne cleanser or cleanser meant to reduce skin surface oils when your skin does not this type of cleansing or the opposite effect of excess surface oil accumulation and acne breakouts with continued use of “extra gentle” cleanser made for dry or irritated skin.