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Dallas PRP with Micro-needling For Wrinkles, Melasma, Scars And Stretch Marks In Dallas And Southlake

PRP with Microneedling Treatment Featured In This Month’s “The Dermatologist”

Cosmetic regenerative PRP therapy provides natural results for several common cosmetic skin problems such as poor texture, wrinkles, skin laxity, scars, stretch marks, melasma and other hyperpigmentation disorders. In our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic regenerative PRP practice we combine PRP with different types of skin treatments to address your skin concerns. We all age differently and have different treatment needs. Most of us do not age in one dimension, we may have different levels of aging of the epidermis(the skin surface fine lines, texture issues), the dermis (loss of skin thickness and sagging) and sub-dermis (loss of volume below skin). For your cosmetic regenerative treatments we combine your PRP with the skin treatment most suited to your skin needs. This month The Dermatologist features the PRP + Micro-needling treatment; how it is done and what to expect. We think you will find it interesting.

Dallas-Lipodissolve-nonsurgical spot fat reduction
Dallas Lipodissolve Spot fat Reduction For Stubborn Areas

Stubborn localized fat is persistence of fat despite lifestyle modification, diet and exercise. Liposuction is a surgical option and associated with surgical risks and downtime and for some people liposuction may be the most appropriate option. For those looking for non-surgical spot fat reduction, there are a few non-surgical treatment options each with its own limitations and side effects. Lipodissolve, coolsculpting and deep ultrasound to break down fat are three most known non-surgical spot fat reduction treatments. Lipodissolve is far more popular in Europe than in the US.

We have helped a number of our patients achieve their best body goals with non-surgical spot fat reduction combined with healthy lifestyle. Our patients have experienced great results from their lipodissolve non-surgical treatment for reduction of stubborn localized fat  in areas such as love handles, saddlebags, underarms, bra fat, knee fat and any other area with localized fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise.

Why You Need To Be Wary Of PRP “Deals”?

Dallas-Cosmetic-PRP-TherapyIf you are looking to taking advantage of  the newest regenerative skin treatments with cosmetic PRP and you find a “deal” that sounds too good to be true, please check the facts before purchasing your PRP treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation has become a very sought after treatment. Everyone seems to be offering this treatments at what seems to be a “Great Deal” . The reality is that the quality of PRP skin treatment varies a great deal with the different methods used to prepare your PRP. The results of your PRP treatments depend on the quality of PRP used and the treatment method.

We are very proud to add new members to our stellar team in the Southlake and Dallas offices. For your aesthetic treatments such as medical microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, IPL and E-light photorejuvenation, chemical peels, hydra-facial treatments, LED acne therapy, you will be seen and care for by our licensed and certified treatment providers.  Our aesthetiicans provide a complimentary consultation for any of the aesthetic treatments listed above.

Allow us to introduce our new aesthetic treatment providers. Our patients love them

Southlake Aesthetic and Laser Treatment Provider

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Options For Face And Neck?

With growing requests for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatments, it is a question you need the honest answer to. What is the best treatment option for non-surgical skin tightening in 2016?

During the last decade the consumer trends have set precedence of non-surgical, technology driven antiaging skin treatments over the traditional nip and tuck approach to face and neck aging. We have seen advent of several new technologies to fill the desperate need for effective non-surgical face and neck tightening, all promising “great results with painless treatment session and no downtime”.

elos-Laser Hair Removal-Dallas.nailamalikmd

Syneron eLaser Removal Powered by elōs Technology

Fast. Effective. Pain Free.

Gentle Hair Removal™

The Gentle Laser Hair Removal by Syneron elaser hair removal system uses patented elos technology which for hair removal consists of diode laser and RF , these products penetrate the hair follicle, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin.

Hair Removal powered by elōs Technology offers safe and effective hair removal treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types. The high frequency and lower energy delivery provides virtually pain free treatments with far shorter treatment times than competitive systems.

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