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Need to lose weight in a hurry? you can lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days with the help of these organic weight loss supplements; nanopro, the nutrient rich weight loss shake and nanolean, a unique metabolism booster and natural appetite suppressant. We recommend following a sensible diet with adequate lean protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, low animal fat  and regular physical activity to complement your healthy lifestyle for safe and real weight loss results

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What are Nanopro and Nanolean weight loss supplements?

NailaMalikMD_DNA_weightloss.jpgNaila MD FIT Metabolic weight loss program in Dallas and Southlake is a comprehensive lifestyle plan enhanced by professional grade supplements, short term use of prescription appetite suppressant (at Physician discretion), B12MIC Lipotropic shots and in some cases hcg shots(at physician discretion) for gradual, healthy weight loss; the FIT metabolic weight loss program is designed to improve your metabolism for lasting healthy weight. Prescription appetite suppressants, Lipotropic shots, hcg shots, weight loss supplements by themselves do not lead to substantial, healthy and lasting weight loss. Healthy weight loss and maintenance is the result of permanent lifestyle changes and our well trained staff is committed to helping you change your lifestyle for good.

We assess your medical history, check your blood work for liver, kidney and thyroid function, complete blood count, complete lipid profile and hemoglobin A1C at the time of your initial visit. We measure your total body weight, muscle, calculate your fat and water weight and determine your realistic weight loss goals. We provide guidance and weight loss tips to suit your lifestyle and your response to the weight loss lifestyle throughout the length of your program.

Our metabolic weight loss program is divided into three phases:

Weightloss_supplements-Dallas.jpgOrganic Weight Loss Shakes and Matabolism booster Supplements:

We’d like to introduce you to nanopro and nanolean, a powerhouse of nutrients and weight loss – made easy! In addition to all the health benefits, we have some of the best prices on the market, so you’ll be saving money while you lose weight.

Sometimes we don’t have time to eat healthy. We’ve solved this problem for you with our organic weight loss shakes. Simply replace your breakfast or lunch with a great tasting shake designed to help you feel full and energetic while ensuring your body gets all the important nutrients it craves. These delicious meal replacement supplements are perfect for your busy lifestyle because you can easily bring a packet with you on the go in a purse or briefcase.

Biopharma-Dallas_weightLoss-Supplements.PNGBiopharma Scientific- Complete Nutritional Strategy

While you work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to get the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals that you need. Simply put, the average person does not get enough nutrients in their diet. That’s where the Biopharma complete nutritional strategy can help. Biopharma provides the best absorbing nutritional powder to fill in the gaps in your diet and keep you healthy and now you can get your Biopharma weight loss and wellness supplements in Dallas and Southlake at our offices.

The Biopharma product line of all natural supplements and whole food vitamins provides you Biopharma uses physician grade formulas with ingredients sourced from the cleanest parts of the world. The absorption of these GMO and gluten free supplements is naturally enhanced for better results, guaranteed.