Complete Hands Rejuvenation- Regenerate, Volumize, Resurface

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REGENERATE                               +                VOLUMIZE                     +       RESURFACE

Complete Hand Rejuvenation Treatments In Dallas and Southlake:
Harvest Cosmetic PRP + Radiesse Volumizing Dermal Filler+ Microneedling For Complete Rejuvenation Of Back Of Hands
Our hands seem to age faster than our face and if not taken care of, they can make us look older than we are. The skin on the back of the hands loses elasticity and becomes thinner with wrinkles and brown spots and the loss of volume below the skin leads to prominent tendons and veins for bony “old lady” hands.
At our Dallas and Southlake regenerative cosmetic skin treatments centers, we have the PERFECT solution for your aging hands.
We combine the Harvest PRP injections with placement of Radiesse below the dermis and Microneedling of the skin surface for new collagen regeneration, volume restoration and skin texture and wrinkle reduction.
This complete hand rejuvenation treatment is done at our Dallas and Southlake office in about an hour with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. You walk out of our office with more youthful hands.

Harvest PRP- Cosmetic Regenerative Skin Treatment For Hands:

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated blood sample that contains high levels of platelets, a critical component of the wound healing process. Platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for stimulating tissue generation and repair. Growth factors derived from platelets are responsible for soft tissue repair, bone regeneration, development of new blood vessels, and stimulation of the wound healing process.

Harvest PRP delivers a concentration of autologous platelets and growth factors that is roughly 4-6 times greater than that found in whole blood. Unlike other PRP kits, Harvest delivers a broad range of growth factors in the proper concentration and ratios to help optimize conditions for healing in the treated area. In cosmetic medicine PRP injection treatments are utilized to induce collagen and elastin synthesis and growth of healthy new tissue in the dermis for naturally tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and folds and smoother texture

Harvest is a leader in point-of-care products used to process and concentrate platelets, bone marrow aspirate, and adipose tissue.

RADIESSE® For Volume In The Back Of Hands:


RADIESSE is the first dermal filler FDA approved for injection into the back of hands. Radiesse is an opaque, white colored injectable dermal filler that is made up of CaHA microspheres in a water-based gel. RADIESSE is non-animal based and free from animal protein. Before you are injected, you do not have to be tested to see if you are allergic to RADIESSE
RADIESSE is injected under your skin on the back of your hands (not your palms) to add
volume to lessen the visibility of veins and tendons in your hands due to loss of fullness.

RADIESSE is injected under the skin with a thin needle to plump the skin and add volume to the back of your hands. RADIESSE will not correct the underlying causes of loss of fullness in the hands. RADIESSE will not be injected into your wrist or fingers.
It will temporarily provide fullness to the back of the hands. RADIESSE has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of the hands by adding fullness to the back of the hands, as reported by both patients and doctors.

It is recommended to have the Radiesse injection for hands done by a certified Radiesse injector for best results and for the safety of your treatment.Interestingly, I have treated the back of hands with Radiesse for several years as an off label use of this FDA approved dermal filler for facial deep lines and folds and naturally I was one of the first physicians in Dallas area to be a certified hand injector of Radiesse volumizer for hands.


Microneedling Treatment For The Skin On The Back Of Hands:

The MicroPen™ treatment works with the body’s natural immune response through a process called “percutaneous collagen induction therapy” (PCIT). The MicroPen™’s tiny needles penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis (2 outer layers of skin) in a very controlled, precise manner.These micro-injuries to the skin stimulate your body to produce new collagen and elastin – the support system of young, healthy skin. As the treated area heals, smoother, more even, healthier-looking skin appears, with fewer lines and wrinkles.
The results of your Micropen treatments are further enhanced with the addition of PRP, which provides your own growth factors for quicker recovery and even better collagen induction.

For your complete hand rejuvenation in Dallas and Southlake, we typically use

  • ONE  Harvest 30 cc PRP kit
  • One Radiesse 1.5 cc Volumizing Dermal Filler Syringe
  • One Micropen treatment, as many passes as indicated

The above protocol as a single treatment works very well for over 90% of patients for adequate volume replenishment, skin thickness and texture improvement. The addition of PRP extends the results of hand rejuvenation treatment due to your body’s natural regenerative ability, but nothing will stop the process of aging, and you will need periodic treatments to maintain the results. The frequency of treatments will depend on the rate of your aging; on average every 12-18 months may be adequate for most people.

Call 888-210-9693 to schedule your complete hand rejuvenation treatment with cosmetic PRP, Radiesse and Micropen in Dallas and Southlake.