Dallas Medical Weight Loss-$499 for 6 Weeks-Until March 31, 2013


Medical Weight Loss in Dallas and Southlake

Naila Malik MD FIT weight loss program is custom designed by Dr. Naila Malik to help you achieve and maintain your healthy body weight. The program is aimed to optimize your metabolism for fat loss and real, lasting results.
As a practicing physician with 20 years of experience, Dr. Malik has treated countless patients with obesity, excess weight, prediabetes and host of medical problems resulting from excess weight.
Diet, physical activity, chronic stress, poor sleep can all affect weight gain and efficiency of weight loss. Naila Malik MD FIT takes into account all aspects of lifestyle for lasting weight management.
Most of our patients experience improvement in energy, cholesterol, blood pressure and overall health within weeks and are able to maintain their healthy weight for longer period of time than with most other diets.
The goal of our program is to help you implement permanent lifestyle alteration which changes your relationship with food, exercise and stress management.
Instead of focusing on loosing a few pounds we emphasize the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle for life and shift your focus from scale to better health and fitness.
We supplement the healthy lifestyle with B12 Lipotropic injections and Dr. Malik may prescribe an appetite suppressant for short term ONLY to help you cultivate the new eating habits.
For more information about Naila Malik MD FIT weight loss program in Dallas, please call our office at 888-210-9693 for an appointment