Dallas Medical Weight Loss- Holiday Weight Management Tip 1


Naila Malik MD-Dallas Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Family gatherings, holiday parties, sweet treats bring joy and something a little less desirable, a bigger waistline Studies suggest that 10% of Americans gain 5 pounds or more during the holidays and 50% gain at least a pound!

For all of you, trying to maintain your weight, I have put together a series of weight management tips to get you through the holiday season without adding unwanted pounds

Don’t Skip Breakfast strong

A low fat, high protein, breakfast with fiber helps curb appetite and boosts energy. The National Weight control reported that among people who maintained long term weight loss, 78% eat breakfast every day. Skipping breakfast leads to 4.5 times more likelihood of obesity and on average breakfast skippers have a higher BMI compared with those start their day with a healthy breakfast. We encourage all our patients in our Nail MD FIT medical weight loss program to include a healthy breakfast in their diet daily
Start off right with a healthy breakfast for an energizing, charged up day!

Naila MD FIT weight loss program is a comprehensive weight loss and maintenance program designed by Dr. Malik for her patients. The program encompasses diet, physical activity, stress management and sleep patterns for a more thorough approach than diet alone. We use prescription medications and in office injections as clinically indicated. We realize that successful long term weight loss is a results of permanent lifestyle alteration and emphasize this concept throughout the program.

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