Dallas Medical Weight Loss- Holiday Weight Management Tip 4


Happy Holidays!

Family gatherings, holiday parties, sweet treats bring joy and something a little less desirable, a bigger waistline Studies suggest that 10% of Americans gain 5 pounds or more during the holidays and 50% gain at least a pound!

For all of you, trying to maintain your weight, I have put together a series of weight management tips to get you through the holiday season without adding unwanted pounds
Dallas Medical Weight Loss- Holiday Weight Management Tip 4

Food Diary-Track What you Eat

Make it a habit to Keep track of what you eat by keeping a food diary during Holidays to help you stay on target. Holiday time is loaded with little temptations that somehow find their way into our mouth without any thought!
In our office, we tell our patients to allow themselves a “controlled treat time” for important occasions but keep portion size small and make up over the next couple of day. Denying yourself leads to frustration-breakdown and overindulgence. Plan ahead and be smart, have an occasional treat in moderation and make up the next couple of days. This helps our patients stay on weight goal target.

Naila MD FIT weight loss program is a comprehensive weight loss and maintenance program designed by Dr. Malik for her patients. The program encompasses diet, physical activity, stress management and sleep patterns for a more thorough approach than diet alone. We use prescription medications and in office injections as clinically indicated. We realize that successful long term weight loss is a results of permanent lifestyle alteration and emphasize this concept throughout the program.
For more information about the Naila MD FIT weight loss in Dallas or Southlake, please call our office at 888-210-9693.