Holiday Weight Management Tip 6- Medical Weight Loss in Dallas


Happy Holidays!

Your Holiday guide for weight maintenance
Dallas Medical Weight Loss- Holiday Weight Management Tip 6

Partner up with a Weight Loss Buddy

Having a weight loss buddy with similar goals can be really helpful with weight loss all year round and even more so during the holidays Buddies encourage and motivate each other, give you the drive to hit the gym and keep away from the holiday treats. Having a like mined weight loss buddy can provide moral support and help lower holiday stress
In our office, many of our patients start the Naila MD FIT weight loss program with their friend of spouse and we have seen successful weight loss AND weight maintenance over and over again. Health conscious, like minded friends can be your biggest motivators, especially around the festive yet stressful holiday time!

Naila MD FIT weight loss program is a comprehensive weight loss and maintenance program designed by Dr. Malik for her patients. The program encompasses diet, physical activity, stress management and sleep patterns for a more thorough approach than diet alone. We use prescription medications and in office injections as clinically indicated. We realize that successful long term weight loss is a results of permanent lifestyle alteration and emphasize this concept throughout the program.
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