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If you have struggled with excess weight and have experienced frustration losing weight with other weight loss programs or keeping it off… we can help!

Medical weight loss can be more effective than non medical programs in many ways…

While long term weight loss can only be achieved with persistent and permanent lifestyle alteration, enrolling in a medical weight loss program administered under supervision of an experienced physician grants you access to prescription medications which is sometimes essential, at least to get a jump start to help you get on track with the new lifestyle.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight with crash diets and increasing exercise, knows that weight loss is far more than the simple equation of calories in/calories out. There are many factors at play. Genetics, stress, metabolic hormones, neurotransmitters, nutritional factors, health of your gut bacteria all contribute to weight gain and ability to lose weight and maintain healthy weight.

As an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine A4M, Dr. Malik regularly participates in educational seminars held by leaders in this field from all over the world and keeps the Naila Malik MD FIT program updated for best possible results for our weight loss program in Dallas and Southlake.

Our weight loss program in Dallas and Southlake offices does a lot more than make you drop pounds, it is aimed to improve your overall health and metabolism with dietary and other lifestyle changes.

In summary, medically supervised weight loss is a safer and in most cases, more effective option for losing weight and keeping it off for individuals who have a difficult time achieving and maintaining healthy weight and for those with any associated medical disorder..