Dallas NovaThread Non-surgical Facelift- Who is the Best Candidate?

Dallas NovaThread non-surgical facelift before and after

                                                                                                Dallas NovaThread non-surgical facelift, actual treatment patient, Individual results vary

NovaThread V-Lift- Are You a Good Candidate for Non-surgical Facelift with NovaThreads?

Find out if you are a candidate for the NovaThread “V-Lift” or “Vector Facelift”, a non-surgical facelift with absorbable PDO sutures.

Novathread non-surgical facelift with  “V-Lift” or “Vectoring” technique is a non-surgical treatment in which absorbable PDO sutures are strategically placed in the skin to subtly lift the jawline, jowls and eyelids and to contour cheeks for a more youthful heart-shaped face.The procedure is about as invasive as the dermal filler injection treatment for facial contouring and takes between 20-30 minutes depending on the treatment area. There is minimal to no discomfort and minimal to no downtime with this treatment. The results last between 12-18 months.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for NovaThread Non-surgical Facelift?

Dallas NovaThread Non-surgical Facelift- Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate for NovaThread V-lift is an individual with:

  • Good skin quality
  • Adequate skin thickness
  • Adequate skin firmness
  • Mild to sagging of middle face
  • Mild flattening of cheeks
  • Mild to moderate sagging of lower face
  • No recent facial surgery

The NovaThreads used for “lifting” need to be placed in the deeper dermis and require an adequate amount of tissue to anchor onto for the desired lift. A thicker dermis with somewhat preserved firmness is better for this action. Skin texture evaluation is also important before NovaThread non-surgical V-Lift or Vector Facelift because a poor skin texture will not lead to the best results and should be addressed alongside the V-Lift. “Smooth” and “Twist” NovaThread sutures can be used to improve mild textural problems.

Who is a Poor Candidate for NovaThread Non-surgical Facelift?

Dallas NovaThread Non-surgical Facelift- Poor candidate

A poor candidate for NovaThread non-surgical facelift or V-Lift is an individual with:

  • Moderate sagging of mid-face sagging
  • Severe sagging of lower face
  • Heavy facial tissue
  • Excessive loose skin
  • Advanced skin aging, with excessive thinning, elastosis and poor skin quality
  • Unrealistic expectations

For many of our patients with moderate skin sagging, skin thinning, poor texture, we can improve skin quality, thickness and firmness with non-surgical skin resurfacing and tightening treatments before the NovaThread V-Lift for best results.

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