Types of Laser Hair Removal Systems in Dallas Office- SHR- In Motion and Diode 810 Laser


Permanent hair removal lasers have come a long way since their introduction and FDA approval in the 1990’s. First of all , “Laser Hair Removal” should really be called “laser hair reduction” and generally includes permanent hair reduction achieved by destroying hair follicles with speicalized laser and light based devices (BBL/IPL). Older generation lasers and light based devices were slow, very painful and associated with a much larger incidence of side effects such as skin burns, scarring, pigment changes and so forth. This made it virtually impossible to treat darker skin types. An ideal laser hair removal treatment candidate used to be a very dark haired individual with very light skin, i.e Snow White. Today, newer light based devices (BBL/IPL) and lasers are much more safe and effective on all skin types and colors. The treatments are much faster and far more comfortable, virtually painless. Laser hair removal with the right equipment performed by an experienced technician is safe and effective on any area of the body. We have several different types of permanent laser hair removal systems in our Southlake and Dallas offices.
Our Dallas office has the following two laser hair removal systems:

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal- The SHR- In Motion Technology
  • The Diode Laser -810 nm wavelength

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal- The SHR- In Motion Technology

    Our Intense Pulsed Light IPL hair removal system in Dallas is SHR technology, similar to the Alma Laser Harmony XL’s SHR-AFT In Motion technology. Some of the major benefits of the SHR permanent hair removal system are:
    This system is ULTRA-FAST, capable of treating extra extra large areas such as full legs or full back in 20 minutes COMFORT:
    The SHR hand piece has an integrated cooling head which provides skin surface cooling during the treatment to reduce the pain from heat generation. This cooling combined with the brand new in-motion technology virtually eliminates pain SAFETY:
    The SHR is FDA approved for use in all skin types including darker and tanned skin. We have treated a large number of patients of all skin types and colors including tanned skin, without any problems. We treat darker skin at lower settings which usually requires a higher number of sessions for permanent hair reduction EFFECTIVENESS:
    We have treated countless patients of all skin colors since getting this system in February 2014 and have had excellent patient feedback regarding results especially because pretty much everyone treated is a little skeptical at first due to lack of pain and speed. I have treated myself and was literally shocked with the speed and comfort of the treatment, which obviously made me skeptical of the efficacy, but I can honestly say that I have had better results with fewer sessions of permanent hair removal with the SHR system than any other.

    The only downside is that the treatment tip is rather large which makes it a little challenging to treat smaller areas such as ears, knuckles, toes etc. We usually use our Diode laser for the smaller areas.

    The Diode Laser -810 nm wavelength
    The Diode laser has a high power laser diode which emits infrared light at 800-810 nm. The longer wavelength makes it safer for darker skin types due to deeper penetration into the skin, but it tends to be a little less effective for lighter hair. Another downside of the diode laser is its smaller spot size leading to much longer treatment time for larger areas such as legs and back. Here are the advantages:
    Longer wavelength of light penetrates into the hair follicle without causing as much epidermal injury as the Ruby or the Alexandrite. This Diode laser can be used on darker skin colors unlike traditional Ruby or Alexandrite which cannot be used on even tanned skin and leads to skin burns very easily.
    The Diode laser is more effective that the long pulse Nd:YAG laser which is also safe for dark skin.
    With the smaller spot size, smaller areas such as ear lobes, between the eyebrows, knuckles and toes can be treated easily.

    The diode laser is much slower than the SHR system and is more painful. We have the Mediostar diode with integrated cooling, we use ice packs routinely and for sensitive areas we offer topical numbing creme if the patient is more responsive to the diode laser treatments. Honestly, since acquiring the SHR, we treat ALL larger areas with the newer system.

    For more questions or to make an appointment for your laser hair removal, please call 888-210-9693