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Cosmetic Dermal Fillers Special– Every Thursday

Southlake Cosmetic Dermatology

Radiesse $200 Off per vial Restylane or Juevederm $100 Off per vial
When it comes to aesthetic results from dermal fillers, physician experience and technique accounts for everything…It takes innate aesthetic sense to take into account individual face shape, bone structure, face and lip shape for subtle and natural loking results.

A board-certified physician*, Naila Malik MD, takes a medical approach to all cosmetic treatments. Dr. Malik is a member of the Lquid Face Lift Association and stays abreast on cosmetic fillers and Botox injection techniques by regularly attending Cosmetic Dermatology seminars. Cosmetic fillers are not for everyone. Certain individuals may not be suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Also, systemic illnesses, bleeding disorders, skin infections, certain medications can affect treatment outcomes. So Dr. Malik starts with a full medical history and an exam to ensure your safety and appropriateness for treatment.

Dr Malik is board certified by the American Board of Family Physicians. Her Southlake practice is focused on cosmetic dermatology, acne and rosacea treatments and medical weight loss.

We recommend a healthy lifestyle and an effective, clinical skincare to complement your cosmetic skin treatments for best results.
We currently have the following targeted skincare lines to choose from:
AGELESS | Cellular Repair complex for wrinkle treatments
CALM | Gentle skincare for sensitive and rosacea prone skin
SUNCARE| BB Creme- Mineral tinted SPF 20 skin perfecting moisturizer
SKINGEAR | For Men-Two step wrinkle, pore and shave bump minimizing treatment

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