DNA Weight Loss Program for Real Success

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Is weight loss on your “New Year Resolution” list every year?
If you have tried several weight loss programs, only to end up back to square one, consider a new approach for a better chance at success.

We know from our clinical experience that the response to the same weight loss program varies from person to person even if all other variables are controlled such as age, gender, initial weight, height etc. That is why this year, we are adding something different to our weight loss program.

We are taking the guess work out of the equation with the use of two simple tests for your DNA and your food sensitivity. In essence we are helping you become your own NUTRITIONAL GENIUS!

Naila MD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss
Our Metabolic weight loss system customized with your DNA and food sensitivity testing may change the way to approach weight loss and overall wellness forever.

Naila MD FIT metabolic weight loss in Dallas and Southlake is a permanent lifestyle alteration program designed to optimize your metabolic functions for healthy weight maintenance.

We do not promote “fast weight loss” or “very low calorie” diets for many reasons; instead we provide medical research based information to help you alter your lifestyle for real results. We provide in office counseling, supplements, injectable medications (at Physician discretion), prescription fro medication as clinically indicated, but the your weight loss depends on your unique variables.


xR Nutritional Genius is a lifestyle coaching program based on the results of TWO simple tests:
GEMS DNA testing Food Sensitivity Testing These two Nutritional Genius tests analyze up to 200 foods to uncover what you need to eat in abundance, moderation, and what to avoid.

This month, get $100 Off six week Metabolic weight loss program.
Cost of Nutritional supplements, DNA and food sensitivity tests is not included int he six week metabolic weight loss program.
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