Is There An Effective Non-surgical Treatment For Skin Tightening And “Lift”?

Dallas Non-surgical Skin Tightening

Dallas Non-surgical Face And Neck Lift

Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency -MFR Or “Injectable Radiofrequency” Skin Tightening


Above photos are of our patients, before and three months after three MFR treatments, individual results may vary

With growing requests for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting solutions, it’s a question you need an honest answer to. Is injectable RF energy a viable option for non-surgical skin tightening?

 Does Radiofrequency Work For Non-surgical Skin Tightening?

Radiofrequency -RF was FDA approved for skin tightening in 2002 after clinical studies demonstrated its effectiveness for collagen synthesis and collagen contraction; both processes lead to skin tightening. The first generation treatments with noninvasive RF (Thermage, Venus Freeze) had less than expected results due to difficulty delivering RF into the deeper dermis where RF needs to work for skin tightening. A few years later, a far more efficient delivery system of the radiofrequency via microneedles changed the non-surgical cosmetic world. The newer systems ( e.g INFINI, Fractora, Scarlet and a few others) use “microneedles” to deliver fractional radiofrequency into the deeper dermis for drastically better outcome from the RF treatments. Over a short period of time, the newer delivery systems have evolved with innovative technology such as use of fractional radiofrequency, bipolar (more superficial RF) and monopolar (deeper RF) energy, gold plated needle tips and insulated microneedle length (except the tip) to reduce skin damage and skin surface irritation for precise heating of deeper skin where maximum collagen regeneration and collagen tightening is desired for skin tightening and neck lift. For our Dallas and Southlake non-surgical skin tightening and non-surgical face and neck lift treatments we use a microneedle fractional radiofrequency system which has the capability to do monopolar or bipolar treatments. We use gold plated and insulated miconeedles to reduce skin damage and we gradually increase the power and needle depth during your treatment sessions for best results.

What Results Should You Expect From Non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatment With Injectable Radiofrequency?

Realistically, non-surgical skin tightening is not meant to replace surgical face and neck lift. Even the best non-surgical face and neck tightening treatments will improve skin firmness gradually over weeks to months following the treatment for a subtle but definite improvement in jowls, nasolabial folds, under eye area and upper eyelid.

We introduced the non-surgical skin tightening treatments in Dallas and Southlake over 2 years ago and have thus far treated dozens of patients of all skin types and colors. The treatment is done after application of topical numbing creme. The non-surgical skin tightening treatment in Dallas and Southlake has minimum discomfort and minimal downtime. We have had tremendous success in majority of patients(8 out of 10) treated with the Microneedle fractional RF for face and neck tightening. We have also found the MFR to be a suitable treatment for all skin types and colors including our African American patients.

Click to view the results of a multi-center study for efficacy of the microneedle fractional radiofrequency for non-surgical skin tightening

Clinical study for microneedle fractional RF for around the eye wrinkles


Dallas Non-surgical Necklift


Dallas Non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatment

Above photos are of our patients, before and three months after three MFR treatments, individual results may vary

This year we have added PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to boost the collagen synthesis from minimally invasive skin treatments and for subtle improvement in volume loss in areas like under eye hollows and jowls.

Our Non-surgical skin tightening and facial rejuvenation treatment special for this month is:

MFR Three Treatments- Face Only-$2295 ($2395)

One Harvest PRP-30 Kit-(injection and topical with the first Treatment)

PLUS-Get Xeomin 25 units ($350) Belotero Balance, one syringe ($495)

MFR Three Treatments-Face & Neck- $2640- ($2840)

One Harvest PRP-30 Kit-(injection and topical with the first Treatment)

PLUS-Get Xeomin 30 units ($420) Belotero Balance, two syringes ($990) at No Extra Charge.

Our current special ends May 31, 2016.

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