European V-Lift with Radiesse Volumizing Filler- Dallas and Southlake


The options for non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments today are numerous. I like to divide the skin treatments for aging skin into three categories:

Treatments for Surface improvement Treatments for improvement of skin thickness and tightness Treatments for volume restoration
For Volume restoration, there are several FDA approved and safe cosmetic dermal fillers, each one with its own merits.

In my cosmetic skincare practice I use one or combination of dermal fillers depending on the area being treated, individual face shape and the patient history of tolerance to different fillers.
Radiesse Volumizing dermal filler is quite different from the hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero) with a different mechanism of action, and requires different injection techniques than the HA dermal fillers.

RADIESSE® volumizing filler is considered cutting edge in the new generation of dermal fillers. Radiesse is formulated to do more than just fill in deep lines and wrinkles; it actually volumizes. RADIESSE® volumizing filler is proven to stimulate your body’s ability to generate new collagen over the months after your treatments, leading to natural looking facial volume restoration that lasts well over a year in many patients. RADIESSE® volumizing filler treatment is a non-surgical, 20-30 minute procedure which is very well tolerated due to addition of a little local anesthetic to the Radiesse solution. At our Dallas and Southlake skincare offices we use a topical anesthetic creme to further reduce patient discomfort.

The European V-lift with Radiesse is a technique that I have used in my practice for a few years with great results and patient satisfaction. The “European V-Lift” essentially imparts volume to the middle of the face, subtly raising the cheeks and reducing the nasolabial folds for a natural “V-lift”. I frequently combine Radiesse Volumizer filler with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Belotero Balance or Juvederm for reduction of under-eye hollows and enhancement of lip volume for a natural and youthful face
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