What To Expect From The Prestige Medical Medium Depth Chemical Peel For Your Skin?

Prestige Medical Professional Medium Depth Chemical Peel In Dallas and Southlake

Medium Depth Chemical Peels In Dallas and Southlake


Photos are of individuals, before and after a series of prestige peels, individual results vary. Courtesy of the VisiaMD


Medical Professional Chemical Peels vs “”spa” or “At Home” Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been used for decades to renew and refresh the upper layers of the skin. Chemical peels are mostly formulated with substances that act on the skin surface to remove few to several layers of superficial skin. Most professional chemicals used for skin peeling have acid PH and are irritant to the skin. Medical professional  chemical peels are much stronger than “spa” peels and “at home ” chemical peels which are milder acids or fruit enzymes for gentle and subtle  “renewal ” of the the skin surface instead of removal of several layers of the skin. Most medical chemical peels are formulated with higher concentrations of chemical peeling agents usually acids in a vehicle that allows a deeper penetration of the peeling chemical into the skin compared with a peel meant for superficial skin peeling.

Superifical Vs Medium Depth Chemical Peels

Superficial peels are often offered at non medical spas and usually involve use of milder acids such as lactic acid or glycolic acid in lower concentrations for peeling off the very superficial layers from the skin surface.The  weaker acids for chemical peel treatments lead to skin peeling by breaking down the glue between the skin cells to remove the surface skin cells for a superficial peel. These peels should be done by trained and experienced skincare professionals because even with lower concentration of the acid, individuals with sensitive skin and dark skin can have reactions leading to scarring.

Most medium depth medical professional chemical peels contain TCA (trichloracetic acid)  in varying depths with or without other synergistic chemicals to address specific skin needs such as acne, pigmentation etc. TCA acts by causing denaturing of protein in older, damaged skin cells(preferably) for removal of these skin cells. This reaction however is dose dependent, so that with successive application of many layers of the TCA peel, the protein of normal cells starts to denature as well leading to peeling of healthy skin cells, which is obviously not the goal of a chemical peel.  The medical professional chemical peels are safe for use in a medical office when administered by trained medical skincare professionals under physician supervision after proper patient selection.

This month we tried several medical professional chemical peels on our staff members and introduced a couple of these medium depth peels to our patients after seeing the remarkable rersults from these peels on our staff members and after being satisfied with the safety of the chemical peels on different skin colors and types.

Two of our staff members have Hispanic heritage with skin type IV and two of the staff members have acne scars and some photodamage.  In this article I would like to focus on the Prestige peel by VisaoMD


Medical Professional Medium Depth Chemical Peel For Improvement of Wrinkles, Pigmentation and Scars

In our experience the Visão MD’s Prestige Depth Peel is a quick, relatively comfortable and predictable comprehensive medium depth chemical skin rejuvenation solution for most skin types. I would recommend th Prestige Peel is for those individuals looking for more dramatic results from a chemical peel than a superficial peel for common skin issues such as occasional acne breakouts, skin surface scarring, skin surface pigment irregularities and rough skin texture with fine lines. We noticed that the Visao MD Prestige Peel reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and acne scars.

According to the manufacturer, “this professional medical grade treatment stimulates cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots caused by sun exposure and aging, and the appearance of acne and acne scarring. The result is more youthful skin with improved tone and texture combined with a minimal amount “down time””. I agree with the collagen remodeling in the skin surface following a series of these peels, which we have known from decades of clinical research on the use of chemical peels for skin rejuvenation.

At this time, I consider that the Prestige medium depth professional chemical peel is suitable for “most” skin types. I have not treated an individual with Fitzpatrick skin type VI with the Prestige Peel although I have seen before and after photos of very dark skinned individuals with excellent results on the VisaiMD photo gallery of treated individuals. From what I have seen in my staff, I can expect the following fro the Prestige Medical Medium depth Chemical Peel in individuals with skin type I through IV:

  • Improvement in skin texture and tone
  • Improvement in skin pigment irregularities
  • Improvement in fine lines
  • Improvement in surface ace scars

I do recommend any chemical peels for those with very sensitive skin. I am very cautious in individuals with very dark skin of with history of post-inflammatory pigmentation. I recommend to pre-treat the latter with a prescription skin lightening creme for several weeks before and in between their chemical peel treatments

Chemical peels, like most non-invasive cosmetic treatments work best when done as a series of treatments for their cumulative effects.

We recommend a series of three chemical peels 6-8 weeks apart for optimum results.



The Cost Of Prestige Chemical Peel For Face in Dallas and Southlake is:

Single- $395

Three Peels- $1095

Call 888-210-9693 for your complimentary consultation with one of our certified skincare professionals in Dallas and Southlake and find out which medical grade chemical peel is most suitable for your skin needs