Fall Photorejuvenation Program- For All the Sun Damage To Your Skin Surface


Get Rid Of Sun Induced Skin Surface Damage With Our Fall Photorejuvenation Program

Painless, Minimal to No Downtime!

Over 80% of skin aging, wrinkles, poor texture, broken and dilated blood vessels, brown and uneven pigmentation of the skin are the result of exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun. we have perfected just the right combination of in office treatments and prescription medications if needed tailored to address all the sun induced skin damage to the surface of YOUR skin in our Fall Photorejuvenation Program.

Our Photorejuvenation Program includes:

  • MD Consultation: Evaluation of your skin by Dr. Malik. Includes thorough evaluation of your skin, your aesthetic goals, your time frame, your budget to set realistic and achievable goals
  • A prescription for medication to address your particular skin needs, pigmentation or rosacea/broken or dilated blood vessels. The type of prescription medication depends on your response to sun rays. For some individuals, pigment irregularity is the predominant symptom whereas for others redness of skin with dilated and broken blood vessels is an issue. Your prescription medication depends on the predominance of your skin symptoms
  • A series of IPL or IPL-RF (In Southlake Only) Fotofacial Treatments: Two, Three or Four Session Program is Suggested Based on YOUR Needs. The number of sessions depends on your skin type and the extent of sun damage to your skin.
  • Microdermabrasion Treatments in between IPL or IPL-RF Fotofacial sessions to enhance the effect of the fotofacial. Professional, medical microdermabrasion can gently and effectively remove skin surface debris and dead cells which enhances the penetration of the light based skin treatments safely, leading to better results from your photorejuvenation program
  • Micropeel (Microdermabrasion with High dose retin A peel) to further improve your treatment outcome. Micropeel takes microdermabrasion up several notches to further remove dead cells, debris, superficial pigmentation and even improve fine lines and pore size. Micropeel can be safely combined with the IPL or IPL-RF treatments to enhance the overall results of light based treatments.

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* Photo is of a model for demonstration purpose only, not an actual patient