Fast, Comfortable Laser Hair Reduction Deals in Dallas and Southlake


Laser Hair Removal Deals in Southlake and Dallas For Most Skin Types
Laser Hair Removal in Dallas and Southlake-Six sessions starting at $99

Our newest laser hair reduction systems in Dallas and Southlake clinics allow you to have smooth hair free skin; painlessly and in less than half the time. Safe and effective for most skin types (Fitzpatrick I through IV) . As always, all treatments are performed by our experienced Certified Laser Technician (CLT), licensed aestheticians under physician supervision.*

Current Laser Hair Removal Deals in Dallas and Southlake:
$99 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a small area (a $450 value)
$229 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a medium area (a $570 value)
$359 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a large area (an $840 value)
$509 for six laser hair-removal treatments on an x-large area (a $1,170 value)
$629 for six laser hair-removal treatments on an XX-large area for women
$699 for six laser hair-removal treatments on an XX-large area for men

We recommend six sessions every four to six weeks as an initial treatment plan for everyone to achieve significant reduction of hair density and to slow down new hair growth. Lasers for hair removal lead to reduction in hair density and not complete removal of all hairs. Darker skin types may need additional treatments for significant hair reduction. We realize that individual response varies with several factors such as your genetic predisposition to excess body hair, your hormonal changes and your body’s sensitivity/ response to your hormonal changes. Excess body hair due to peri-menopausal, menopausal, PCOS and other hormonal imbalance and in those taking Testosterone supplementation requires regular treatment sessions after initial six weeks to keep excess hair growth under control.

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*Physician supervision:
All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT) licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results any side effects.

**Painless Hair Removal:
Majority of our patients find the new SHR, much more comfortable than the older systems; we realize that individual pain tolerance varies and the extent of discomfort will vary with individual pain tolerance and the area being treated. For your safety, we do not routinely prescribe nor recommend the use of topical anesthetic crème for your laser hair removal.

***Skin Types Appropriate for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in our Dallas and Southlake Offices.
Our laser hair reduction systems are safe and comfortable for Fitzpatrick skin type I -IV. We recommend a test spot treatment before proceeding with a full hair removal session for Fitzpatrick skin type V. We do not treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI for laser hair removal at this time.