Fat Melting Machines- Do they work?

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Southlake Medical Weight Loss Update

It is interesting how many times our patients have asked me what I think of “fat melting” devices. In all honesty, I am a little skeptical and I have always believed that there are no shortcuts to looking good and being healthy.
Here is a link to an interesting article on one of these fat melting devices being recalled by FDA:

Fairwarning: The LipoTron 3000 (Lipo-Ex) FDA UnApproved $85k Massager

Basically the Lipoton3000 is just fancy and VERY expensive massager with no effect on fat melting and FDA is to “expeditiously complete its criminal investigation of the distribution, sale, and promotion of the LipoTron device and take appropriate legal action against those individuals, companies, and user facilities that are found by the agency to have engaged in any illegal marketing or promotion of this device.”

Lesson is NOT to jump on every new device which sounds too good to be true!

While calories are important to any weight loss program, ounr medical weight loss program, NailaFitMD is different from other plans in that it considers and addresses all aspects of your unique weight problem. Diet, stress, hormone changes, sleep patterns, activity levels and health problems are all important. Also, your NailaFitMD plan will include specific dietary guidelines and supplements, medications as clinically indicated, aerobic exercise, strength training and lifestyle modifications, all of which are essential to long-term weight-loss success.

Unfortunately machines or lasers cannot replace healthy lifestyle which takes a little determination and discipline.

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