Six Most Common Questions and Answers for Laser Hair Removal Treatment


1. How does the laser hair removal work?
The hair removal laser is designed to be recognized and absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair, the laser energy is transmitted along the hair shaft into the hair growth center and burns up the growing hair follicle which results in fewer hair and thinner hair with subsequent growth cycles. The hair in active growth phase are most susceptible to the laser. About 10-15% of hair are in active growth phase at any part of your body at any given time
2. Does hair removal hurt?
Laser hair removal is not as painful as you might think. The discomfort from laser hair removal varies with the laser system and with the skin and hair type of the individual being treated. Generally laser hair removal does not require application of local anesthetic and is well tolerated by most patients. Different areas of body have different sensory nerve endings and some areas are more sensitive than others. Underarms and bikini area are more sensitive than legs and arms. Most patients undergoing this treatment describe a sensation of “rubber band snap” on the skin. At our Dallas medical spa we use a cool gel and ice packs to reduce the discomfort for the more sensitive areas like underarms, bikini and upper lip
3. How many laser hair removal treatments does it take to get rid of hair?
We see significant reduction in hair growth after 6-8 treatments in most people. Some individuals may have resistant hair growth due to genetic and hormonal influences.For our laser hair removal patients, we recommend starting with 6 sessions and then having maintenance treatments as needed for more stubborn or recurrent hair growth
4. Can African-American skin be treated with laser hair removal?
Yes. With caution, use of right type of laser an experienced technician can treat darker skin safely and with good results. Dark skinned individuals are more susceptible to skin burns and dark pigmented scars with the skin lasers, chemical peels and IPL treatments. At our Southlake and Dallas Skincare clinics, about 30% of our skincare patients have dark skin and we typically lower the laser settings to avoid burns. This usually requires extra sessions for adequate hair removal. We also recommend a test spot for some of our high risk patients before actually proceeding with a full session to assess the skin reaction. Our patient safety and comfort is a priority even if it takes extra time to get the right results
5. Can patients with blonde or grey hair get laser hair removal?
No. Since the laser is picked up by the dark pigment in the hair , blonde or gray hair will not be affected with the laser and we do not recommend this treatment for gray or blonde hair.

6. Is there any down time after laser hair removal treatment?
No. You may have mild redness and sensation of a light sunburn to the treated area which