Five Reasons to Consider IPL Photo-Rejuvenation in Dallas


Five Reasons Why You Should Consider IPL Fotofacials at Our Dallas Cosmetic Dermatology Practice:

1. You Have Brown Sun Spots
Brown Sunspots are deposits of dark pigment in the surface of skin from sun exposure. Intense Pulsed Light is a safe and efficient method to remove these spots in just a few treatments. Sun spots are different from melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIP) that follows inflammatory conditions like acne or eczema. Sun spots are pigment deposits in the surface of skin and can be effectively removed with IPL, whereas Melasma and PIP are pigment deposits in the deeper skin layers and cannot be treated with IPL
2. You Have Cuprose Or Rosacea Prone Skin
Cuprose skin is redness of skin due to increase in blood flow to the surface of the skin. The tendency to have redness progresses with aging. The onset and extent of skin redness is determined by genetics. Certain lifestyles can increase the severity of redness. Common triggers for inducing redness or flushing are sun exposure, alcohol intake, intake of hot beverages or spicy food in genetically predisposed individuals. Certain medications such as prolonged use of topical steroid preparations can increase redness as well. IPL Fotofacial can reduce redness by shrinking down the capillaries of the affected area. For advanced rosacea with visible broken blood vessels, we combine IPL Fotofacial with a specialized laser to shrink down the blood vessels.

3. You Want to Improve Your Skin Texture And Fine Lines

IPL Fotofacial is advanced Photo-rejuvenation and has been shown to improve skin texture, fine lines, appearance of pore size in addition to improving sun spots and redness. The popularity of this procedure is due to its non-invasive nature. Each full face treatment takes about 20-30 minutes, there is no down time, minimal discomfort and you can apply your makeup right after the treatment to resume your day.

4. You Want to Freshen Up Your Complexion For An Overall Youthful Look
August is probably the busiest time for our office for IPL Fotofacials. Most people are back from their summer vacations and getting ready to get rid of sun induced skin damage for a fresh new complexion. We usually recommend a series of 3-5 sessions, two to three weeks apart, depending on your skin type and needs. This allows most of our patients to finish their IPL series before harsh winter starts.

5. You Have Heard Horror Stories About IPL Side Effects
If you are considering this treatment, make sure you see someone who is good at it!
All IPL Fotofacials in our Dallas Cosmetic Dermatology office are performed by well trained and experienced medical aestheticians under Physician supervision, which means, Dr. Malik personally goes over treatment parameters, individual results, expectations, patient safety issues with the aestehticians for EVERY patient. If there is ANY concern about safety or indication of the procedure at all, we encourage a complimentary consultation with Dr. Malik before you start your treatment. IPL Fotofacials can be associated with mild to severe burns and scars which can sometimes be permanent. Our office has very strict treatment guidelines to ensure patient safety. We start with a conservative treatment and gradually increase the treatment settings after assessing YOUR skin response which is as unique as YOU can cannot be predicted based on your skin color and condition alone.
If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please call our Dallas Skinare office at 888-210-9693